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Learn how print on demand drop shipping works with Gelato

Try print on demand drop shipping with the world's largest POD network. Create and sell custom products online with production in 32 countries and 24/7 support.

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Print on demand

Expanding your ecommerce potential

No inventory required

By opting for print on demand drop shipping, you can experience a hassle-free process without the need for an upfront investment in inventory.


Seamless integration and automated order fulfillment

Integrate with your preferred ecommerce platforms, allowing for easy management of orders, automated fulfillment, and shipping processes.


Access to a wide range of customizable products

Take advantage of a vast selection of customizable products, offering endless possibilities to sell to your customers.


Scalability and flexibility

Embrace the scalability and flexibility that print drop shipping provides, empowering your business to thrive in the dynamic landscape of online commerce.

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How dropshipping works with Gelato

Apparel MenConnect to GelatoConnect your ecommerce business to link your existing products or create new products.
Apparel MenStart sellingYour customer browses your ecommerce store and places an order.
Apparel MenTake it easyWe take care of the entire fulfilment process and produce your product closer to your customer.
Apparel MenThe order is shipped We deliver your products directly to your customer via our fast and reliable global logistics network.

Personalized products and custom dropshipping

Custom dropshipping

Streamline your business by dropshipping custom products without the need for inventory.

Empower customers to personalize their purchases, delivering unique experiences.

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Product personalization options and design tools

Discover a wide variety of personalized items, including clothing and accessories, with Gelato. Our platform offers easy-to-use customization features, allowing your end customer to personalize their desired products.


Niche targeting and market research

Identify profitable niches where demand for customized products is high. Conduct thorough market research to align offerings with customer preferences.

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Using Gelato for print on demand and dropshipping

If you're looking for a reliable print on demand drop shipping company, Gelato is the perfect partner for your business. We're proud to be the world's largest POD network, with 130+ production facilities in 32 countries.

Our team is dedicated to providing expert support and user-friendly resources, so you can focus on growing your brand while we handle production, fulfillment, and delivery.

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Custom clothing with Gelato

Personalized clothing

Discover the growing worldwide trend of customers seeking personalized and distinctive clothing options.

Pinpoint lucrative market niches that have a strong demand for diverse customization choices in apparel.


Creating unique designs

Forge partnerships with talented designers to craft captivating and exclusive designs using Gelato.

Leverage their expertise to develop one-of-a-kind custom clothing collections quickly and without upfront inventory costs.


High-quality printing techniques

Discover advanced printing techniques, such as direct-to-garment (DTG) and sublimation printing.

Ensure the use of premium materials that guarantee vivid colors and long-lasting durability.

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Building a brand identity

Develop a unique brand story and aesthetic that resonates with your target audience.

Create a cohesive brand identity through custom clothing designs that reflect your brand values.


Hear from one of our customers:

"Gelato helps lighten the workload by taking care of all the production and logistics"

" Moreover it's a great place to start due to the low barriers it creates to enter the market. Their stellar service is always there to help and rare problems that do occur are solved quickly and effectively "

Stijn Willemse, Founder of DIS-ORDER


The Gelato Network

140+ production partners in 32 countries

Gelato makes the production and delivery of custom products simple, borderless, and programmable. Our teams are based in offices around the world and we process millions of print jobs each year for creators, startups, and large enterprises.

For information about which products are produced locally in which countries, please consult our product catalog.

Gelato Network

Tips for effective marketing and promotions

Grow your business through social media

Are you looking to grow your business through social media advertising? Gain tips from our experts to promote your business like a pro.

  • Develop a marketing strategy

  • Collaborate with influencers and brand partnerships

  • Content marketing is your friend

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Easy store connection

Designed for creators and entrepreneurs, scaled for enterprises. Thousands of businesses use Gelato’s software and APIs to produce and deliver custom printed products anywhere in the world.

Connect your store to Gelato’s API directly or via our easy-to-use integrations with the leading ecommerce platforms.

eCommerce Integrations with Gelato

Print on demand drop shipping FAQs