Connect your business to Gelato

Turn your designs into customized print products - then sell, create and deliver them anywhere in the world with Gelato. Connect your business to our API in one of three ways - via an ecommerce platform, direct integration from your online business, or order your products manually in our portal.

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Connect via platform

Connect your business via an ecommerce platform

Is your store connected to an ecommerce platform? Now you can activate the worlds largest print on demand solution from Shopify and Etsy. Simply design your products and start producing by downloading our app. No technical or programming skills required.

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Direct API connection

Connect your online business directly

Our print on demand API provides a gateway from your online store to our 100+ production partners worldwide. You can review our guides on how to get started, or jump straight into the documentation that includes all API endpoints.

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Secure and easy to use

Our print API is securely accessed over HTTPS and can only be used by authenticated clients. It is based on RESTful principles, making it easy to use with a wide variety of programming environments. If you’re a business looking to integrate print on demand products on your website, we can provide direct connectivity to our print on demand solution.

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Order management mastered

The API portal is the “control panel” for your Gelato experience. We have made it easy for you to manage your orders, production and delivery of your customized print products in the API portal.


Set your own pricing

We help you maximise profits by keeping our pricing extremely competitive. Costs are always presented clearly and we only charge you for the orders you placed


Expand your product offering

Easily enable or disable products to refresh your content and maximise online marketing campaigns.


Powerful editing tools

We’ve built powerful layering and positional tools to ensure your designs look their best, whatever the product.


Order history and tracking

View all your previous orders and stay updated on your current production and deliveries.


Product catalogue

Browse through thousands of products and formats to choose the ones that will make your designs come alive.


Fast delivery

We deliver most orders within 72 hours. Local production makes our delivery reliable, fast and less vulnerable to disruptions.

Drive your growth with Gelato

By connecting to Gelato, you can expand your product selection and grow your online business in new markets. By producing locally and on demand, you are also making a positive impact on the environment. Faster, smarter and greener. → View all features

Worldwide delivery

Gelato delivers in more than 170 countries

72hrs average delivery

Time matters to your customers, and to your business

100+ production partners

Produce your products locally in 34 countries

Ready to get started?

Explore Gelato API, or create an account instantly and start ordering products. You can also contact us to book a custom demo for your business.

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