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Communication is a fundamental human need and print is a powerful tool to help people communicate their creativity and passion. Perhaps this is why commercial printing has become one of the largest industries on the planet. Gelato's state of the art global print cloud facilitates local printing at a scale greater than the world has ever seen before.

What is it like to work at Gelato?

Everyone in our team has made an active choice to participate in this difficult, yet very rewarding, journey. We all believe in building this company because it improves the way that the world works with print. This belief and passion unite us every day in working towards building something that no one has created before.

We treat each other with respect. We want to find other good people who treat their colleagues well. We have no hierarchies. Hierarchies in an area with so many unknowns are dangerous. In hierarchical environments, people can become quiet and reactive. In Gelato, people think on their own, take decisions in teams, and seek forgiveness rather than permission. Each team member represents a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

We foster and encourage a “growth mindset” in everything we do. We always want to keep learning because it helps us to challenge our own beliefs. We know how quickly the world is changing, and the growth mindset helps us seek solutions and implement ideas when other people give up. We change until we win. But, no matter how talented any individual is, we won’t compromise on attitude and culture. In the end, this is about teamwork.

What is special about Gelato:

Like all great companies, we strive to hire, develop, and retain the best people. We have a growth mindset and believe in collaboration and learning from others. There are some things we want you to know about us:

  • Our mission - which is at the heart of who we are
  • We think as a team first
  • We value speed over perfection
  • Our entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving
  • We learn from others to “grow the apple tree”
  • We own our development
  • How seriously we take hiring the right team members

1. Our mission is at the heart of who we are

We want to improve the world by providing sustainable and local printing to every person on this planet. It is a big and ambitious goal, but one that connects all of us who work at Gelato.

The way that people work with print has not transformed yet. Printed material is sent all across the planet, which takes a long time and is unnecessarily expensive and wasteful. The transportation industry causes 25% of total global carbon emissions. Paper accounts for approximately 10% of all carbon emissions in the print industry alone. With our software, local production, and delivery network, Gelato has the potential to dramatically reduce both paper consumption and delivery distances.

Our ambition is summarized in two numbers: 90/50. Our commitment to you and anyone else is that Gelato will work towards reducing paper consumption by 50% and delivery distances by 90%. We know that if we succeed, we will leave something good behind for the next generation while creating significant time and cost savings for our customers. Our solution is smarter, faster, and greener - there is no reason to print any other way. Seeing the importance of solving this problem with real urgency is core for anyone who becomes part of our team.

2. We think as a team first

There is a long distance to travel between having a great idea and building a great company. We embrace the hard work required to deliver on our mission and build a great company. We do not have all the answers. We often find ourselves in a situation where we have more questions than answers. We enjoy this because we problem-solve, innovate, and operate as a team. We never set out to achieve our goals alone.

At Gelato, we value testing and making decisions quickly and effectively. We are committed to working together in a collaborative and transparent way: experimenting, learning, failing, iterating on, and ultimately winning together. Not knowing and continuously searching to find the right answer is a strength at Gelato.

We seek brilliant people who are also great team members. We do not have room for arrogant or self-oriented people as the cost of working with such people is just too high. We yearn to improve just like any athlete: yesterday’s achievements are no measure for where we aspire to go. Each team member who joins Gelato is a critical part of helping us to achieve our mission.

3. We value speed over perfection

Speed eats strategy for lunch
As we move rapidly between challenges, we rely on our culture of entrepreneurship and the fact that you are an owner of this business. As Formula 1 driver Mario Andretti said, “If you are under control you are not driving fast enough”.

We move forward with ferocious speed. We constantly worry about who is driving behind us and who will overtake us when we least expect it. We know that this way of operating can be highly motivating for some but uncomfortable for others. For us, speed is one of the most important aspects of working here. We move forward with our end vision in mind and we focus on the delivery of key milestones in order to gain value and knowledge as quickly as we can. If you love the feeling of going faster than feels comfortable, if you love being pushed by a team who works with this same pace and urgency, Gelato could be a good fit for you.

Change and Agility
At Gelato, you will not observe the more traditional ways of management such as, “let’s ensure we build the right process for this before we start,” or, “how do we create reporting lines for this project?”. We are moving too quickly.

Rapid change and development do not mean poor planning. These constant adjustments are the result of our aspiration to constantly seek the right way forward. Processes and organizational structures are not something we spend time obsessing about. The world changes so fast and we are still a young company. We are concerned that too much structure will slow us down, or limit our way of thinking. Where we lack formal processes, you will find team energy instead - a collaborative mindset and colleagues who will help you get up and running fast.

4. We are all entrepreneurs here

Entrepreneurship means constantly moving forward and never standing still. We operate under difficult and demanding conditions. We are doing something that has not been done before. We need to identify and solve new problems every day. Being an entrepreneur also means being an owner. Everyone at Gelato is a shareholder. This amplifies the feeling of purpose and belonging. You will never hear someone say, “that’s not my job”. Our partners and customers entrust us with their business and data. If we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. We take that responsibility seriously, just as a business owner would take it.

Being an entrepreneur with a global ambition can mean working some late nights and weekends, and paying attention to our business during off-hours. You will end up in meetings with colleagues connecting from Boston, China, and India. There is no way to schedule the meeting so that everyone attends during traditional work hours. Our business is intertwined with the global economy, so while team members take holidays, Gelato does not.

At Gelato, you will be surrounded by extremely motivated and driven people. If you compare yourself to others, you will almost always see someone working harder, staying longer, or getting better results. However, we don’t compare ourselves to one another. We know that the value of a team is leveraging each others’ strengths, while always striving to be better, both individually and together.

5. We value learning from others
“growing the apple tree”

Few people have ever grown an apple tree. So if you find yourself wanting to grow one, listening to a person who actually has will save you years or even decades. Speed without direction is counter-productive, which is why we always seek guidance and inspiration from the outside world. In a documentary called “Triumph of the Nerds”, Steve Jobs quotes Picasso: “Good artists copy, great artists steal. We have always been shameless about “stealing” great ideas.”

We learn from others and respect what they have built. By growing the apple tree, we avoid reinventing the wheel and save years in product development - accelerating our ability to create value for our partners and customers. Even if we worry about being overtaken by other race car drivers, we do not obsess over our competitors. We invest heavily in understanding how other companies in other industries are spearheading rapid innovation and changing the world.

This mindset generates continuous and rapidly implemented improvements. We never settle because we know further improvements are just around the corner if we search hard enough. When everyone shares this sense of responsibility and stays curious, we often end up doing the right things.

6. Owning your development

We give our team members a lot of autonomy, both in the work they do but also in their own personal development. However, do not confuse the lack of top-down direction with lack of interest from the top. High performers are recognized, enabled, and rewarded. There are conventional forms of recognition at Gelato, but we get most excited about giving high performing team members the room to work on interesting and high-impact projects and challenges.

7. Hiring is an important part of building strong teams

We have a very rigorous interview process. We utilize questionnaires and tests in the interview process to aid us in objectivity. Our goal is to search for diverse experiences and not “lookalikes”. Studies have shown that hiring decisions, when lacking rigorous interview processes, are made subconsciously within the first 4 to 20 seconds of meeting a candidate. Tests bring objectivity to the interview process by helping to combat unconscious biases.

Our approach to hiring is that it is about mutual fit. It is about us finding the right candidate, but also the candidate finding the right company. We invest significantly in our recruitment process and we expect each candidate to want to do the same. It doesn’t mean we’re satisfied with our current process either. We know that there are still improvements to be made and we would welcome any input that you have to how we can improve.


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