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Software providers

Software companies like Canva, Frontify and Desygner partner with Gelato to help them print for their customers.

With Gelato, adding printing to your platform can be easy. Onboard customers from 30+ countries, help them place print orders online, and pay in local currency. Let your customer manage printing through Gelato, or build your own experience from end-to-end.

Gelato was built for platforms. Add new lines of revenue for your platform and your customers by printing locally in 30 countries, with local currency and taxes, and let Gelato help with regulatory and compliance overhead.

Canva and Gelato are both aligned on sustainable printing and packaging, with a joint mission to produce superior quality print orders with environmental and social responsibility in mind. We look forward to enabling Canva Print into other countries and continents in 2020 through the Gelato network.
—Jim Towle, Head of Global Print Operations at Canva






Wall-art companies like Doodlespot, Sportymaps and Optimalprint connect customers to deliver prints locally. Delivering print in multiple marketplaces used to be hard: printing, distribution, customs, storage, overprint and waste, managing tax reporting, and regulatory compliance. Companies shouldn’t have to build all that from scratch, so we made Gelato API to provide all the tools you need to run a print marketplace.

Integrating API means always having access to state-of-the-art technology. Attract and retain more customers with high-quality fast print, across all channels, and expand to local printing in 30+ countries with a single integration.

Doodlespot chose Gelato because it literally overnight made the whole world our market place in an environmentally friendly way, offering fast delivery at low cost but also keeping quality high.
— Doodlespot





Consumer B2C

Gelato provides everything you need to create a holistic print experience for your business—locally and globally.

Craft beautiful, high-quality print materials with our two step order experience. Gelato API extends your online experience into the physical world.
Securely and legally handle payments for production and shipping physical goods, with one-tap purchases on your app or website. Build atop a platform that’s ready for what comes next.

As your business grows, Gelato helps you run it better: real-time data access, waste & overprint prevention, modern accounting, international support—and that’s just the start.

Optimalprint has grown to become a leading photo product company across almost 20 countries in 3 continents. Thanks to Gelato we have millions of happy customers - just go to Trustpilot and take a look 🙂 Our customers also love that we are local in each country. Local delivery is just faster and cheaper. After years of perfecting operations the quality of our print products are amazing.
—Nicolas Blanchet, SVP Optimalprint



Unicef Norway


Enterprise B2B

Gelato is built to take all the work out of printing: integrate your order flow, add a print pdf, a destination, and we take care of the rest. Print production, cancellations, shipping, tracking, local currency, tax and billing? All supported out-of-the-box.

You’ll change how you think about printing on Gelato. Reduce waste by ordering on-demand when print materials are expired or empty, produce locally around the world, and cut down your shipping distances.

By partnering with Gelato, MRM Global instantly benefits from a huge global reach of print partners and delivery suppliers connected by software and supported with global customer service. We were looking for a technology solution that would enable us to efficiently deliver printed marketing materials to bars, restaurants, and hotels all over the world. Gelato's API was exactly what we were looking for and provides us with a global end-to-end print solution accessible from a single API.
—Craig Letton, CEO, MRM Global



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