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Learn about DTG printing and how this method works to customize your products. No minimums - global shipping - custom designs, all with Gelato. Try it today!

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What is DTG printing (direct to garment)?

Personalized apparel printing

The DTG (direct to garment) printing technique is one of the most popular, high-quality methods for personalized apparel printing. Depending on your needs, it has several advantages over screen printing and is a top choice when considering apparel print longevity.

DTG custom printing is an excellent choice for adding colorful and intricate designs to clothing, accessories, or any fabric item.


Design DTG-printed products


Choose your products

At Gelato, we offer direct to garment printing services for a variety of products. Some of our most popular designs are t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby clothes, and custom tote bags.


Print in multiple areas

Gelato’s design maker offers prints to be added to many areas of a product. Explore for yourself and customize apparel and fabric products with DTG printing on sleeves, front and back and labels.


Highlight your brand

Print your logo on garments instead of using a fabric tag. This will create a soft, tag-less design and is a popular option for custom apparel and print on demand in general.

DTG printing

Organic cotton

At Gelato we offer a number of fabric materials for apparel, one of our most popular is our organic cotton fabric that’s suitable for many print on demand products we produce.

Benefits of direct to garment printing

Durable and comfortable

DTG printing is designed to be long-lasting, with no fading or cracking over time. The ink is infused into the fabric fibers to produce high quality prints, ensuring that it remains soft to the touch and durable for years to come.

DTG printing is a superior method that ensures every detail is accurately captured, allowing for full-colour bold prints. It is best suited to cotton and other natural fabrics that easily absorb the inks


Designs come out as intended

DTG printing is renowned for its impressive multi-color capabilities and ability to handle intricate details that may not be possible with other printing processes. With its exceptional resolution, DTG printing ensures flawless printing of even the smallest details.

You can rest assured that the design you create in Gelato's user-friendly editor will be accurately reproduced.


Sustainable inks and energy-efficient process

DTG printing machines generally use environmentally friendly water-based inks, and the process itself is considered energy-efficient and wastewater-reducing.

This printing method is automatic, does not require extensive set-up, and can be used to print one-off items too. This reduces the overproduction and waste of textiles, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

printing work

Great for orders large and small

The DTG printing technique is quite popular among various print on demand platforms. It enables unique items to be printed on demand, making it an effective printing option when compared to other alternatives.

You don't have to depend on a fixed minimum number of products to use this printing method, as small and large batches of products can be easily printed in an efficient and time-effective manner.


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