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Mapiful secures a local and resilient supply chain with Gelato

Customer StoryMar 21 2021

Mapiful is a leading player in personalised wall art, specialising in stylised maps of the places that mean the most to you.

“We started Mapiful with the same purpose that still drives us today: to create products that bring that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you see them and to let you love the places where you live a little bit more," says founder Edvin Brobeck.

Mapiful used to ship their products from Sweden and Finland to customers around the world.

“Shipping like this is vulnerable to disruptions, slow and expensive for the customers. It also made shipping distances very long, which should be avoided if possible to care for the environment. Our customers want that, and so does everyone at Mapiful,” explains Brobeck.

From Finland to Tokyo: Searching for the perfect partner for scale

Mapiful’s goal was to find a partner that was a cultural fit - flexible, fast and hungry - a partner that they could grow with geographically, and that could help expand their product offerings.

“Demand for our products has grown exponentially and from all parts of our planet. We needed to expand quickly into these markets while maintaining short delivery times and high product quality,” says Brobeck.

A Sustainable Solution

Because Gelato produces and delivers Mapiful's products locally, production costs are cut, delivery times and shipping distances are reduced. That’s good for business, but it’s also good for the environment.

So far, Mapiful has produced their products with Gelato in 24 countries, and 85 percent of orders have been produced in the same country as where it was delivered. This helps reduce the average shipping distance for each order by 3445 km - the equivalent of the distance between London and Cairo.

“Now our business is built for scale, and we are faster, smarter and greener. Our products arrive faster, our production is more sustainable, and our supply chain more reliable," says Brobeck.

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