Contacting Gelato

Where you can find us

Oslo, HQ

Visiting address:
Snarøyveien 30 C,
1360 Fornebu, Norway

Postal address:
P.O. Box 164, 1325 Lysaker, Norway
Gelato AS (991 753 591),
registered in Norway


Visiting address:
Klarabergsgatan 29
11121 Stockholm, Sweden

Postal address:
Brevia 1548,
114 79 Stockholm, Sweden


Visiting address:
Mobilvägen 10
223 62 Lund, Sweden


Visiting address:
Tornimäe 7-50
Tallinn 10145, Estonia

Over 40% of the global industrial wood harvest is used to make paper

Print-on-demand with rapid delivery makes customers of Gelato print less but more often.
Less paper used and less waste.

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