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Embracing entrepreneurial spirit

At Gelato, we foster a culture where every team functions like its own entrepreneurial startup. Our teams are not just colleagues; they're close-knit groups working collaboratively towards a common goal.

Just as a startup thrives on innovation, adaptability, and shared vision, each of our departments embodies these principles.

We believe that this entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind our success, allowing us to continuously innovate and revolutionize the global printing and logistics industry.

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Explore our open roles within each department you are passionate about and become a part of a dynamic team where your talents can shine, your ideas can flourish, and your contributions can make a meaningful impact.


The Commercial department at Gelato is responsible for fostering relationships with customers. They work to understand the unique needs of clients and help them leverage Gelato's global printing and logistics network to sell customized products worldwide.

  • Marketing

  • Customer success

  • Customer service

  • Sales


Corporate functions

Corporate Functions at Gelato play a critical role in ensuring the company's smooth operation. They are our business enablers who support the company's growth and success.

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • People and talent



The operations department is responsible for Gelato's global network of print and logistics partners. They ensure that products are produced and delivered efficiently and sustainably to our customers.

  • Logistics

  • Production network

  • Supply chain

  • Sustainability



The technology department is at the forefront of Gelato's innovation efforts. They focus on developing the technology that supports our customers and powers Gelato's global printing and logistics network.

  • Data

  • Infosec

  • Engineering

  • Product management

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