Hiring is an essential part of building strong teams

Our approach to hiring is that it is about a mutual fit

Learn more about our hiring process and what to expect if you apply for a role at Gelato.

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Your interview journey

Getting to know each other

Our interview process consists of five stages. We believe that having a thorough and robust process will both give us the opportunity to learn more about you, and also give you the opportunity to learn more about us

Each stage will predominantly feature competency based questions. This allows us to be fact based and reduces bias. By identifying past performance we can understand future behaviours.

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1. Assessments (Personality & Logic/Coding)

At Gelato, we use standardized assessments to evaluate candidates and ensure objective hiring. These tests include personality and/or logic aptitude testing, allowing us to recognize true talent and align with our commitment to fair recruitment.

For the majority of our hiring processes, candidates are expected to complete both a personality assessment and a logic aptitude assessment. However, for certain positions, the logic aptitude assessment is replaced with a coding assessment.

2. Recruiter Interview

The first round of interviews in Gelato is typically conducted by a member of our talent acquisition team. We aim to better understand who you are, your experiences, and your ambitions.

Furthermore, this interview is also for you to learn more about Gelato, our culture, our team, and the position you are applying for.

3. Hiring Manager/Technical Interview

The second round of interviews is usually conducted by the hiring manager or a subject matter expert. They will assess your level of expertise related to the role you're applying for, and the cultural fit within the team.

4. Panel Interviews

An important part of our recruitment process is the panel interview. Here, you’ll meet with three stakeholders you will be working closely with in the role you’ve applied for.

All the interviewers will have different focus areas, and ask open-ended competency-based questions to assess your problem-solving skills, teamwork abilities, and cultural fit.

5. Founder Meeting

The founder interview is a unique opportunity for you to engage directly with Gelato's founder and CEO in a 30-minute call. It is designed to be a meaningful and authentic dialogue that goes beyond the technicalities.

Like previous interviews, this also serves as an opportunity for you to assess your fit with Gelato.

An objective process, always evolving

Objective hiring

Our process involves questionnaires and assessments to ensure objectivity and diversity, mitigating biases that can influence hiring decisions made within the first few seconds of meeting a candidate.

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Mutual fit

Our hiring philosophy is about mutual fit, considering both the company finding the right candidate and the candidate finding the right company; significant investments are made in improving our recruitment process.


Welcoming feedback

We strive to continually enhance our recruitment approach, by encouraging input and suggestions from candidates


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Diversity, equality and inclusion

Our strength lies in our diversity

"No nationality" is not just our tattoo at Gelato; it's a commitment to equality and inclusion.

Regardless of your nationality, religion, skin color, gender, or orientation, everyone is not only welcomed but valued equally.

We embrace the differences that make each individual special and recognize that our collective strength lies in the power of our diverse perspectives.


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