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Why personalized gifts will make a lasting impression

BlogNov 19 2021
personalized products
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The Holiday season presents a huge opportunity for customization. Few things better reflect genuine thought having been put into a gift choice, than it having been personalized to suit the recipient.

Many of you are benefitting from the growing trend for customization: your supporters are seeking one-off items made unique by applying their personalization to the creativity of your product range.

It’s not just a lovely thing for you to enable to make happen, it is good business sense. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product. Return rates for personalized products are also significantly lower.

But how best to ride the crest of the customization wave and drive sales in this emerging category?

What’s already worked (and is still working)?

A first step should be contacting customers who have previously purchased customized items, and inspiring them to appreciate that their experience can be enjoyed by others.

It might seem obvious, but many customers, having already customized items for their own lives and homes, might need a gentle push in order to appreciate that what worked for them can also prove a great gift for friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

It’s also worth looking at those customizable products that have proved the most consistently popular. Already successful categories are going to be more in demand than ever during the Holiday season, so elevate these, and consider encouraging customer engagement by highlighting their popularity.

‘Tis the season...to customize

Having identified your customers who are already switched on to customization, and those items which your sales history suggests might be most in demand, it’s worth considering introducing personalizable gifts (and gift categories) which reflect the theme of the season and the nature of gift-buying at this time of year.

Explore trending topics and discover how other creators are offering personalized products - the best formula for personalization starts with a stunning design.

Gifts for the home

Your customers have all spent more time than ever in their homes. For many, the domestic environment has also become a place of work. For some, the lockdown period and the changing role of the office has inspired a move to a new location.

Whether coming or going, our home is where our story begins, and it’s a canvas for creativity; places where the personalization of products reflects our true personality.

Consider how products might be customized to suit the core areas of the home environment: from mugs for the kitchen to water-resistant pictures for the bathroom, to calendars to keep track of important dates to come.

With more home offices than ever before, think about elevating those customizable items which might aid productivity such as notebooks, or contribute to an attractive background on a video call.

More time in our homes means more attention being paid to interior design, with daylight exposing those areas for improvement that we might have previously overlooked in the evenings after a long day in the office. Customization holds the key to finding the display item that really completes a room.

Importantly, customization also unlocks the opportunity to get the right color scheme, so don’t forget to emphasize the variety of shades and hues available.


Think about gifts that are fun and though might only be unboxed once a year, will prove an essential part of festive decoration for decades to come.

Consider personalizable greetings cards for the key calendar dates, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, or the New Year. Build up a loyal customer base appreciative of the opportunity to create unique greeting cards. Some of their enthusiasm might just carry over to Valentine’s Day!

The end of the year is all about considering what has passed, and in an age of social media-powered throwaway photography, there’s something really powerful and permanent about a photo book (or collage of images) documenting 2021.

Also consider items that might contribute to resolutions for the new year. Gym memberships spike in January, so water bottles personalized within inspiring words might just encourage people to keep on running, long after others have abandoned their ambitions. A new stylish workout outfit is another great way to provide some motivation and make trips to the gym a bit more enjoyable - check out the sportswear collection to find the perfect fit.

The end of the year is also about excitement and planning for what is to come, so calendars for 2022 - perhaps filled with dates known to hold significance for the recipient - will be a winner.

Do you offer customizable gifts?

Add personalization options to your store this Holiday season to ensure your customers can find the perfect gifts! Check out the product catalog to add new products to your store. Happy creating!