The most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly print solution for global companies.

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Why we exist
Sustainable printing


Join us to cut 90% of your print related transportation, reduce 50% of your print volume and save 50% of the total cost of printing. All to the benefit of your business. And the planet.

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How we do it
Local printing for global companies

We bring printing closer to you. As a result you get faster, local and just in time production and delivery.

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Less print related transportation


Lower print volumes


Lower costs

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“Nine months after activating Gelato in Hexagon Europe we saw total cost of printing reduced by a third. Gelato will now be rolled out across our entire operation worldwide. Printing locally gives us faster delivery and we end up ordering less but more personalized print. Our ambition is to reduce print volumes by 50% and transportation distances by 90%”
– Stephen Graham, Vice President Marketing for the Manufacturing Intelligence division of Hexagon