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1. Why sell on eBay?

What sells best on eBay: 8 profitable product ideas

Are you looking to make some extra cash by selling products online? 

Then eBay might just be the perfect platform for you! 

With over 132 million active users, eBay offers a massive marketplace where you can turn your ideas into profitable ventures. 

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of what sells best on eBay and discuss some valuable tips to help you succeed. So, let's dive right in!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • The benefit of selling on eBay is to reach over 30 countries with diverse product categories.

  • Top-selling products on eBay include Wall Art, Clothing and Accessories, Children's Clothing, Electronic Accessories, Drinkware and mugs, Tote Bags, and Photo books.

  • As an online business, you can create an eBay seller account and use eBay's platform tools and external research tools to find the best-selling things on eBay.

  • Using analytical tools, monitoring market trends, and adapting based on real-time data are crucial strategies for successfully identifying and selling top items on eBay.

  • Leveraging Gelato for limitless customization minimizes risk and ensures local production with global reach.

  • The value of print on demand with eBay with Gelato's Order Desk Integration requires minimal initial investment and reduced overheads. It offers flexibility in product listing, consistent quality assurance, and easy scalability.

Why sell on eBay?

Selling on eBay offers several benefits to both new and seasoned sellers. Here's an overview:

  • Global reach: eBay operates in over 30 countries, giving sellers the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers worldwide.

  • Flexibility: Sellers can list products as auction-style, fixed-price, or even as a store inventory. This flexibility lets sellers choose the best approach for each item.

  • Established trust: eBay has been around since 1995 and has built a level of trust with consumers. This trust can be leveraged by sellers, especially new ones, to get a head start.

  • Diverse product categories: Almost anything can be sold on eBay, from collectibles and antiques to brand-new electronics, offering a broad scope for different types of sellers.

  • Integrated payment systems: eBay offers integrated payment options, including its managed payments system which handles transactions seamlessly.

  • Shipping solutions: With eBay’s shipping integration, sellers can easily print shipping labels, access discounted shipping rates, and provide tracking information to buyers.

  • Seller protections: eBay offers various seller protections against fraudulent buyers, chargebacks, and some shipping issues.

  • Feedback system: The feedback and rating system can help good sellers build a reputation, which can lead to increased average sales price and the ability to command higher prices.

  • Market research tools: eBay provides tools like Terapeak, which offers insights into what's trending, average selling price suggestions, and competitive listing data.

  • Promotional tools: Sellers can take advantage of eBay's promotional tools, such as "Promoted Listings" to increase the visibility of their items, be it merchandise or pet supplies.

  • Education & community: eBay has a vast community of sellers who share tips and advice. Plus, the platform offers tutorials, webinars, and resources for both beginner and advanced sellers.

  • Mobile app: The eBay mobile app is robust, allowing sellers to list, manage their shop, and communicate with buyers on the go.

  • Customizable storefronts: For more serious sellers, eBay offers customizable storefronts, which allow sellers to brand their online store presence and provide a more professional look.

Eight best-selling items on eBay

You don't need top-selling brands to make money in the online realm. There are several profitable products out there with high upside potential and zero downside risks. Here are some of the best-selling things on eBay that you can sell online on eBay marketplace.

In contemporary home and office decor, wall art holds a distinguished place. The personal and aesthetic appeal it brings to spaces means that there's always a market for unique pieces. Modern homeowners, especially amidst the rise of remote work, are continually seeking ways to elevate their living and workspace. Abstract designs, panoramic landscapes, custom portraits, and motivational quotes are some of the top-selling eBay categories.

  • Market potential: With the rise of home offices and renovations, wall art has seen a surge. From canvas prints to framed quotes, people look for unique pieces to personalize their space.

  • Pricing strategy: Pricing should factor in material quality, uniqueness of the design, size, and framing. Exclusive designs or limited editions can fetch higher prices.

  • Sourcing insights: Collaborate with local artists or use platforms like Shutterstock or Creative Market for designs. Consider Gelato's print on demand services to sell on the eBay store with a low upfront investment.

A staple in homes and offices worldwide, calendars offer functionality paired with decorative appeal. As time management becomes even more crucial, personalized or theme-based calendars targeting niche audiences have found their own market segment. From nature photography to inspirational quotes, there's a calendar for every taste. Plus, they've become popular gifts, especially during the holiday season.

  • Market potential: With the rising trend of personal organization and time management, calendars have remained a crucial tool for many. Additionally, niche themes, from pets to motivational quotes, cater to varied audiences.

  • Pricing strategy: Standard calendars are usually affordable, but personalized or limited-edition versions can command higher prices.

  • Sourcing insights: Gelato offers print on demand service where you can create and sell custom calendars without holding inventory.

While the world of fashion is ever-evolving with best-selling brands on offer, the demand for unique clothing and accessories remains unwavering. Sustainable and eco-friendly products are drawing significant attention, with consumers becoming more conscious of their purchases' environmental impact. 

  • Market potential: Men’s and women’s clothing remain top selling products on eBay. Niche areas, such as sustainable fashion or unique graphic tees, have particular growth potential.

  • Pricing strategy: Branding, material quality, and uniqueness determine pricing. Eco-friendly or artisan products can yield premium pricing.

Sourcing insights: Platforms like Gelato can help with print on demand clothing, allowing you to manufacture clothing items closer to the customer; thereby, reducing shipping costs.

There's something timeless about children's clothing, with parents always on the lookout for durable, stylish, and safe outfits. The market potential is immense, given the continuous need for different sizes as children grow. Organic materials, innovative designs, and themed outfits (around popular TV shows, books, or movies) are particularly enticing.

  • Market potential: The children's clothing market is robust due to the constant need for new sizes and styles.

  • Pricing strategy: Parents will pay more for durable, safe, and eco-friendly materials. However, competitive pricing can lead to more volume online sales.

  • Sourcing insights: Since comfort is vital to children’s clothing, consider choosing Gelato for quality and ethical manufacturing of kids’ clothing.

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The ubiquity of electronic devices has propelled the accessory market to new heights. People are not just looking for functional items but also those that express their personality and style. Think of uniquely designed phone cases that will give an edge to your phone’s appearance. 

  • Market potential: With tech devices like mobile phones being a staple in most homes, accessories like phone cases are always in demand.

  • Pricing strategy: Price competitively but ensure quality. Branding and additional features (like durability or unique designs) can justify higher prices.

  • Sourcing insights: Gelato can be a great starting point. By partnering with a reputed brand like Gelato, you can streamline operations and boost credibility.

Drinkware, especially mugs, holds a dual appeal: functionality paired with personal or aesthetic charm. Personalized mugs, with custom messages or designs, are popular gifts for various occasions. Additionally, themed mugs or those with unique designs often find favor among niche audiences, such as coffee enthusiasts or fans of specific pop culture references.

  • Market potential: Personalized mugs and unique drinkware designs are popular gifts and personal purchases.

  • Pricing strategy: Limited editions, customization options, or unique designs/materials can command higher prices.

  • Sourcing insights: Print on demand platforms like Gelato allow you to sell custom mugs as and when a customer places the order, eliminating the need to hold inventory.

In a world moving towards sustainable choices, tote bags represent both eco-consciousness and style. Their reusable nature, combined with the potential for unique designs or messages, makes them a favorite. Whether it's for grocery shopping, a day at the beach, or just a fashion statement, tote bags cater to diverse needs.

  • Market potential: With a shift towards reusable products, tote bags, especially eco-friendly or uniquely designed ones, are in demand.

  • Pricing strategy: Material quality and design uniqueness are key. Eco-friendly materials can have a slightly higher price point.

  • Sourcing insights: Gelato’s print on demand services are a great option for selling custom tote bags.

The digital age, paradoxically, has amplified the appeal of tangible memories. Photo books, capturing moments from weddings, vacations, or everyday life, have emerged as cherished keepsakes. They offer a bridge between the digital and physical world, allowing people to relive memories in a tactile way.

  • Market potential: Photo books are popular for events like weddings, graduations, or family reunions. They're cherished as keepsakes.

  • Pricing strategy: Pricing depends on printing quality, binding, and customization options. Luxury or artisan bindings can be priced higher.

  • Sourcing insights: Platforms like Gelato can be used for creating and selling customized photo books without upfront investment.

In all key product-focused categories, it's essential to conduct thorough market research, understand your target audience, and ensure quality control. Also, consider sustainability and ethical manufacturing, as these aspects are becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Tips for finding top items to sell on eBay

Finding top-selling products on eBay involves research and strategic planning. Here are some key strategies to help you identify profitable products:

  • Utilize eBay’s trending tool: Take advantage of eBay’s own tools to see which items are currently popular among buyers.

  • Monitor seasonal trends: Align your inventory with the season, focusing on items that are likely to be in demand during specific times of the year, such as holidays or back-to-school season.

  • Analyze top sellers: Examine listings from successful eBay sellers to identify profitable products, pricing strategies, and marketing techniques.

  • Read customer reviews: Insights from customer feedback can help you understand what buyers appreciate and dislike, which can inform your product selection and description strategies.

  • Leverage sales analytics tools: Use tools like Terapeak to get detailed insights into selling trends, pricing, and market demand.

  • Market testing: List small quantities of multiple items to test their marketability and adjust based on the sales performance and customer feedback.

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Gelato: A reliable way to sell custom products and generate a profit on eBay

In today's fast-paced ecommerce landscape, adaptability, efficiency, and offering unique products are the cornerstones of success. Leveraging Gelato's print on demand (POD) services can be a game-changer for eBay sellers, ensuring they remain both competitive and profitable.

Limitless customization with Gelato's print on demand

Gelato, being one of the leading POD platforms, allows sellers to offer an extensive range of custom products. From unique t-shirt designs to personalized home decor, sellers can tap into current trends or niche markets without significant upfront investments. This flexibility lets sellers adapt to changing market demands swiftly, ensuring their product listings always resonate with consumers.

Minimized risk and overheads

Traditional inventory models require purchasing products in bulk, leading to potential overstock or dead stock. With Gelato's POD model, products are created only when an order is placed. This drastically reduces storage costs and the risks associated with unsold inventory.

Global reach with local production

Gelato boasts a vast network of production facilities worldwide. This means that when a product is ordered, it's manufactured closer to the buyer's location. Not only does this reduce shipping times and costs, but it also ensures that products meet region-specific quality standards and preferences.

Consistency and reliability

Quality is paramount when selling on platforms like eBay, where reviews and feedback can make or break a seller's reputation. Gelato ensures consistent product quality, so sellers can be confident that their customers receive top-notch products every time.

Eco-conscious and sustainable

In an age where consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, the POD model stands out as more sustainable. Producing items on demand means less waste, and local production reduces carbon footprints associated with long shipping distances.

Seamless integration with eBay

Gelato offers easy integrations with eBay. This ensures that the process from order placement to product delivery is seamless and automated, allowing sellers to focus on marketing and customer engagement.

Showcasing the value of print on demand (POD) for eBay

The ecommerce landscape is evolving, and sellers continually seek efficient, low-risk ways to tap into vast marketplaces like eBay. Print on demand emerges as a golden ticket for many, and with Gelato's order desk integration, this process becomes even more streamlined. Here's a deep dive into the value proposition:

Print on demand with eBay

  1. Minimal initial investment: Traditional retail requires bulk buying, leading to tied-up capital and the risk of unsold inventory. POD eliminates this, allowing sellers to list products without purchasing them upfront.

  2. Reduced overheads: Without the need to manage stock, sellers can bypass storage costs. No more worrying about warehousing or inventory holding charges.

  3. Flexibility: Sellers can offer a wider variety of products without worrying about stock limits. This enables them to quickly adapt to market trends and consumer demands.

  4. Reduced risk: Without bulk buying, the risk of stock obsolescence is eliminated. Plus, there's no pressure to sell off excess inventory at discounted rates, protecting profit margins.

Gelato's order desk integration: The game changer

  • Simplified customization: Gelato allows sellers to tap into the thriving market for personalized products. Whether it's custom designs, prints, or engravings, the platform supports a vast range of customizable offerings.

  • Seamless eBay integration: Gelato's integration with Order Desk provides a direct link to eBay, automating the process from listing to order fulfillment. When a customer places an order on eBay, the details are pushed to Gelato for production and shipping, eliminating manual intervention.

  • Consistent quality assurance: Reputation is paramount on platforms like eBay. Gelato guarantees consistent product quality, ensuring positive reviews and repeat ecommerce business.

  • Scaling made easy: Whether you're an eBay newbie or a seasoned seller looking to scale, Gelato's robust infrastructure ensures it can handle growing demands without hitches.

In essence, eBay, when combined with the power of Gelato's Order Desk integration, offers an unrivaled opportunity for sellers. It's a chance to tap into a global market with unique, customizable products without the traditional challenges of inventory management or massive upfront investments. This synergy provides a clear pathway to profitability, sustainability, and growth in the dynamic ecommerce world.

Gelato's compatibility with major ecommerce platforms makes it incredibly user-friendly for businesses. When a customer orders online, the request is automatically routed to the nearest print partner, ensuring swift and efficient fulfillment. Sign up for Gelato today!


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