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Welcome to Gelato

We are a technology company. We do not own any fixed assets but build software for creators (ecommerce stores/entrepreneurs)  and makers (printers and production hubs). We represent the world's largest network of production and logistics partners and produce personalized products in 32 countries, reaching over 5 billion people. 

Before founding Gelato I was CEO for Tele2 Norway, a $400M Telecom company. The Gelato team has been built up with people from technology backgrounds seeking to make a difference.

Gelato bolsters local economies and communities providing technology transforming global manufacturing from centralized mass production to local, on-demand production. With Gelato, items are only made when someone orders them—perfectly matching supply with demand and embracing local manufacturing. Instead of an item being made in China and shipped to a consumer in California, it will be made on demand locally in California, significantly cutting transportation emissions and eliminating the need for carbon-heavy shipping methods like air freight. With 3D printing, these benefits will be amplified enabling precise, on-demand manufacturing of goods with significantly reduced material waste.

Gelato consists of three businesses, 

  • GelatoCreate gives every entrepreneur and creator a worldwide growth opportunity. With our software tools and network, you can, without any upfront investment, launch a truly global on-demand production service, connect with new customers in new markets, and better serve your existing customers. Gelato’s highly qualified local production partners produce your products nearer to your customers. Transportation time is shortened and carbon emissions are reduced.

  • GelatoConnect is a print production software that connects procurement, workflow, and logistics to optimize production hubs’ efficiency, quality, and profitability - all in a single platform.  GelatoConnect is the only product- and machine-agnostic solution for printers, fully controllable from your mobile phone.

  • Optimalprint is our consumer business operating in 23 countries and where this journey started. The millions of orders produced by our network of production hubs have refined our production workflow technology and perfected product quality. 

We have taken many steps, but our journey has just started. When asked “Why Gelato?” I answer that Gelato is smarter, faster, and greener. Please join us on this journey.

Making it together.

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