Increase profit margin by managing your entire production process with a single platform

Discover the convenience of having a one-stop solution for all your print production needs, simplifying your workflow process and boosting efficiency.


Introducing GelatoConnect Workflow

A single platform to manage your entire production process

GelatoConnect Workflow allows you to manage all of your workflow needs with our OEM-agnostic, end-to-end production solution.

With a comprehensive dashboard coupled with real-time machine tracking GelatoConnect offers complete visibility over production.

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“GelatoConnect can double the profit margin of a PSP, from 3% industry average to 7%"

5% - 30%

Streamlining of current workflows saving resources and driving higher profit margins

Up to 70%

reduction in errors and reworks leveraging our 15 years of prebuilt workflows

3% - 7%

Increase in cash flow due to product and machine-agnostic workflows.

McKinsey&Company, after analyzing 92 Print Service Providers

Dashboards and insights

Get real-time material usage reports to obtain visibility into product costing and reordering.

GelatoConnect allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring that every item produced meets the set benchmarks and enables fast identification and resolution of bottlenecks


Seamless order intake

Reduce rework by up to 70% with intelligent pre-flight, gamified QC and machine-specific file optimization.

GelatoConnect performs instant preflight checks to assess the technical feasibility, ensuring that all files meet the required specifications for production.


Machine agnostic solution

By using GelatoConnect you no longer require technical expertise across multiple machines.

With one click set up and an easy to use interface you can now manage existing machines or add new ones with ease


Manage your business on the go with the GelatoConnect app

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the GelatoConnect app can streamline your business and save valuable time.


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Increase profitability and improve efficiency

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