Scale digital micro orders on a single platform with GelatoConnect

The all-in-one software platform that is changing the print industry


Printing and production is changing

Changing consumer behaviour

Digital print and consumer demand for small-batch, personalized/customized products have transformed the industry over the last 10 years.

This forces printers to move away from bulk orders to small print runs of highly personalized items.


Increasing costs

With rising labor, raw materials, and production costs, print producers rely on technology to create automated workflows that scale production.

GelatoConnect enables you to exceed customer's expectations to thrive in an evolving market while maintaining healthy profit margins.

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Legacy software

Traditional workflow systems are limited in supporting the end-to-end requirements of procurement, micro orders, and logistics. Workflow software has been built for individual machines but less so for scaling growth and profitability in this rapidly evolving environment.

The workflow tools today are not mobile-first, which is ineffective considering the layout and large areas of print facilities.


“GelatoConnect can increase your profit margin by up to 7% points"


Lower costs on raw materials due to volume aggregation and efficient inventory management.*


Lower shipping costs due to automated shipping and volume aggregation.*

3%-7% pt

Increase in profitability through product and machine-agnostic workflows.*

*McKinsey, 2023, and customer reported savings

GelatoConnect launches at drupa 2024

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Experience GelatoConnect

Take a tour of the three GelatoConnect modules and mobile app experience and see how you can accelerate growth, improve quality, and increase profitability.


GelatoConnect offers three modules that will add efficiency to your entire business


Manage all suppliers in one platform - Simplify your procurement workflows, ordering process, monitoring of supplier performance, and build stronger more reliable supplier relationships all in one place.

Launch new products with ease - Easily add new product categories to your portfolio and reduce the time-consuming and back-and-forth spent negotiating with suppliers.

Automatically replenish stock - Automated recommendations to optimize your inventory levels, ensuring the right materials are always on hand.



A one-stop-shop for the entire workflow - Manage all your workflow needs from our OEM-agnostic, end-to-end production solution, reducing legacy software spend.

Streamline operations by 5-30% - Seamless order intake, intelligent pre-flight, gamified QC and machine-specific file optimization. Reduce rework by 10-70%

Improve workflow visibility - A comprehensive dashboard coupled with real-time machine tracking offers complete visibility over production.



Add new carriers with ease - We handle all elements of carrier integration, incl. maintenance of APIs, tracking, address verification, creation of shipping labels

Reduce shipping costs  by 15-35% - Access our beneficial distribution rates for shipping and delivery.

Optimize performance with analytics - Access to our analytics software to optimize cost, delivery performance and transit times.

GelatoConnect case studiesSee how GelatoConnect supports print partners in growing their business
DPI_Direct_Building_Gelato PartnerDPI Direct: Revolutionizing print with GelatoConnect Since partnering with Gelato, DPI Direct has witnessed revenues soar to $23 million
tidymerchTidyMerch: Transforming apparel ecommerce with sustainable growthHow a global apparel producer saves 40% on raw materials and 20% on logistics
greenGreen Graphic: Streamlining production workflows for growthGrowing from $70k revenue in 2018 to $7million projected in 2024

The remote control to your production facility

Review your orders, track performance and accelerate your production efficiency no matter where you are

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Scale growth and profit with GelatoConnect

Trusted industry expertise

Gelato is the world’s largest on-demand print production platform. With over 140 production partners in 32 countries, we are building software for a unique group of trailblazing print companies leading digital print production forward.

Our mobile-first technology is the industry's only purpose-built print-on-demand software.


Fast and efficient integration

Start using GelatoConnect in days, not weeks or months. Effortlessly expand your operations as your business grows while seamlessly incorporating additional modalities such as 3D printing.

Benefit from the flexibility of a system that does not require any technical expertise, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your printing business.


Grow your business

Be part of a worldwide network, allowing you to cater to customers from around the globe while prioritizing local production for your community.

Empower your team by automating repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on high-value activities and drive business growth through strategic reinvestment.

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How GelatoConnect supports your business

Automate and reduce errors

with machine-specific file optimization and gamified quality verification 

Streamline your workforce

with improved planning and less administration 

Reduce procurement spend

by minimizing waste and increasing your buying power with suppliers   

Increase your throughput

by optimizing your volumes and machine capacity

Reduce inventory

with real-time visibility and automated purchase recommendations 

Optimize your logistics costs

with automated selection of best shipping methods

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