Transform your purchasing power with GelatoConnect Procurement

Increase cash flow with aggregated buying and optimized warehousing


Introducing GelatoConnect Procurement

Eliminate your inventory and raw material challenges

GelatoConnect's Procurement module enhances your supply chain and inventory management helping to save costs and improve warehouse efficiency.

With the purchasing power of over 130 print producers, you can save up to 20% on your raw material costs.

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$1.5Bn combined buying power

Take advantage of Gelato’s team of experts constantly adding new products and negotiating better pricing with suppliers. No longer do you need a team of procurement experts in house.

Save money on materials and use your cash to expand into new product areas.


Ensure the right materials are always on hand

GelatoConnect automatically makes restock recommendations based on workflow signals on product usage, reducing the risk of out-of-stock items.

Increase the speed to buy products due to pre-negotiated rates, all accessible with a single click and bundle various product categories into one package to increase profit margin and delivery times.


Market leading suppliers

Gain access to the leading suppliers of raw materials at highly competitive, pre-negotiated rates.

Compare prices and delivery speeds to make the best choice for your business.


Optimize efficiency when combined with Workflow and Logistics

Give your organization a single hub for procurement, workflows, and logistics and transform the way you create personalized products.

Benefit from over 15 years of prebuilt workflows and leverage a logistics network of over 50 providers all from the same application on both desktop and mobile.


“GelatoConnect can double the profit margin of a PSP, from 3% industry average to 7%"


Lower costs on raw materials due to efficient management of procurement.


Lower shipping costs due to smarter procurement, volume aggregation, and automated routing.


Increase in cash flow due to product and machine-agnostic workflows.

McKinsey&Company, after analyzing 92 Print Service Providers

Manage procurement on the go with the GelatoConnect app

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the GelatoConnect app can streamline your procurement process and save valuable time.


Case Study:

Revolutionizing print with GelatoConnect

Learn how DPI Direct fueled exponential growth by partnering with Gelato and utilising GelatoConnect

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