Revolutionizing print with GelatoConnect - The DPI Direct story

DPI_Direct_Building_Gelato Partner
DPI Direct, a forward-thinking print company, embarked on a transformative journey with GelatoConnect in the print and ecommerce world. This case study explores how Gelato's innovative approach to on-demand production has been instrumental in DPI's remarkable growth and industry leadership.


In an industry often viewed as traditional, DPI Direct, under the leadership of Sam Mousavi, faced the challenge of revitalizing print and staying ahead in the digital age. With a modest annual revenue of $300,000 in 2003, the company needed a robust strategy to scale and adapt to the rapidly evolving demands of digital orders and ecommerce.


The adoption of GelatoConnect marked a turning point. DPI had multiple POD customers with different software solutions but chose GelatoConnect due to its functionality and accompanying GelatoConnect mobile app. Gelato’s unique platform offered a novel concept: on-demand production and digital efficiency. This allowed DPI Direct to tap into a new market, delivering high-quality, cost-effective print solutions and embracing the power of digital technology.


Since partnering with Gelato, DPI Direct has witnessed exponential growth. Revenue soared to $23 million by 2023, and digital orders, particularly from ecommerce sellers, became a substantial revenue stream. The company grew from three employees to over 130, maintaining local employment and benefiting from strategic locations near shipping hubs. They expanded operations, opening a new site in Las Vegas due to the extra volume they received via Gelato. This growth was further fueled by Gelato's machine-agnostic software, improving DPI's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

DPI Direct's journey with GelatoConnect exemplifies how embracing digital transformation and on-demand production can redefine success in the print industry. This partnership propelled DPI to new heights and set a benchmark for sustainable, efficient, and customer-centric print solutions in the digital era.

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