1. What is drupa 2024?

drupa 2024: Ultimate guide to maximize the experience

drupa 2024, the world's largest and most influential printing trade fair, is set to take Düsseldorf, Germany, by storm. 

With countless innovations, groundbreaking technologies, and a global network of industry leaders, drupa offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your printing business. 

This ultimate guide will help you navigate the vast landscape of the event, ensuring you maximize your time and investment.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • drupa 2024 is a pivotal platform in the global print and packaging industry, providing various networking opportunities, access to expert insights, and exposure to the latest innovations, including sustainability-focused solutions and digital transformations.

  • The expo features a staggering array of 1,427 exhibitors from 50 countries, showcasing the forefront of the print industry over eleven days.

  • Key players worth exploring during the exhibition include GelatoConnect, HEIDELBERG, Konica Minolta, Koenig & Bauer, and Müller Martini. Each brings unique value and revelations to the print industry.

  • A strategic plan is crucial for maximizing the drupa experience, from prioritizing exhibits and scheduling meetings with exhibitors to using the drupa app for real-time updates and planning.

  • The launch of GelatoConnect at drupa 2024 is a highlight not to be missed. It provides a transformative platform to revolutionize print production efficiency and profitability.

What is drupa 2024?

Future of print and packaging

Established in 1951, drupa has become an important event in the print and packaging industry's calendar, taking place every four years. This extravaganza full of learning and innovation spans eleven whole days! 

Over 1,427 exhibitors and representatives from 50 nations will showcase cutting-edge print technologies and share ideas and solutions that matter to the industry and shape its future.

The mega themes this time around are sustainability and digitalization. It's not just about today but also about sustainable business models and the role of digitalization in shaping the industry's future.

Why attend drupa 2024?

Attending drupa 2024 can shape the future trajectory of your business. This event is regarded as the shrine for decision-makers and thought leaders in the international printing industry.

Here's why it's a must-attend event: 

  • Intensive networking: drupa offers a golden platform to rub shoulders with seasoned industry experts and like-minded professionals operating globally.

  • Latest developments: Keep abreast of the evolving technology in print, media, and packaging. Get first-hand experience with the latest developments, products, and trends that steer the industry toward a future of sustainability and digitization.

  • Insights and exposure: With an eye on the turbulent shifts spurred by social and technological changes, drupa 2024 will enlighten you on the predictions for the industry, guaranteeing top-class knowledge transfer.

General event information and tips

Person using tablet

Let's gear you up with helpful insights and suggestions tailored to help you navigate through drupa 2024 with ease.


Mark your calendars as drupa 2024 runs from May 28th to June 7th. As one of the most anticipated industry events, these eleven days promise to be packed with groundbreaking reveals, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing sessions.


Drupa 2024 unfolds in the dynamic city of Düsseldorf, Germany. Known for its intense art and business culture, this city is a fitting host for such a pioneering event. The fairgrounds promise expansive spaces and modern facilities, serving as a world-class stage for innovations in the print and media industry. 

Where to buy tickets

You can easily secure your tickets to drupa 2024 through the official event website. The booking procedure is streamlined and user-friendly, designed to cater to both local and international attendees. Make sure to check for any early bird discounts or group booking offers to make the most out of your investment.

Accommodation and travel

Düsseldorf boasts an impressive range of accommodations that fit all budgets. Make sure to book early, as hotels fill up quickly during drupa. To reach the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Düsseldorf International Airport and major train stations offer convenient access to the event venue.

Event services and facilities

At drupa 2024, you'll find a wide array of services and facilities designed to streamline your experience. The venue boasts numerous restaurants and cafes, free WiFi, ATM facilities, and plenty of restrooms. Additionally, wheelchair access and first-aid services are available. The venue also provides ample parking and shuttle bus services to and from key city points for your convenience.

Top five must-see drupa 2024 exhibitors

Innovative technology exhibit

Numerous exhibitors are clamoring for your attention at drupa 2024, each one offering a unique flavor of innovation. Here, we'll spotlight five exhibitors you simply can't afford to skip.

1. GelatoConnect

Location and exhibit showcase

At Booth A06 in Hall 9A, GelatoConnect claims a prominent position at drupa 2024. An international technology company with the world's largest network of printers, production partners, and logistic solutions, GelatoConnect is set to impact the global print industry profoundly. 

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What to expect 
  • A clear showcase of how GelatoConnect can double your profit margins from an industry average of 3% to 7%.

  • A detailed demonstration of the new GelatoConnect platform, illustrating how it is poised to streamline your operations and elevate your print production to new heights.

  • Interactive introductions to GelatoConnect's sophisticated tools designed to assist new and existing partners.

Value for print industry professionals 

Participating in GelatoConnect's exhibit offers immense potential benefits: 

  • Professionals can learn how to leverage these tools to reduce raw material costs by 5-20%, streamline operations by 5-30%, and significantly reduce stock needs and rework.

  • Boost the brand recognition and profitability of your own business by leveraging the global exposure and networking opportunities offered by GelatoConnect.

  • Access to analytics software enables businesses to make informed decisions that optimize cost, delivery performance, and transit times.


Location and exhibit showcase

As one of the print industry's most influential names, Heidelberg's presence at drupa 2024 is expected to be remarkable. You'll find Heidelberg making a grand showcase at Booths C30-1 to C30-5 in Hall 1.

What to expect
  • Showcase of automated packaging workflow: Highlighting robotics, Speedmaster XL 106 efficiency, and the Boardmaster with Intellimatch for innovative, high-volume packaging solutions.

  • Advanced printing technologies: Integrated end-to-end workflow with automation, new CutStar generation, and collaborative robotics, enhancing efficiency and economy in commercial and publishing printing.

  • HEIDELBERG experience center: Explore AI-based tools, intelligent systems, and sustainable solutions that address industry challenges like skilled worker shortages and inefficiency in the digital era.

Value for print industry professionals 

Heidelberg brings a significant value proposition to drupa 2024's attendees. Whether you are a young entrepreneur breaking into the industry or a seasoned professional, Heidelberg's exhibit should be on your 'must-visit' list.

Here's why:

  • Experience innovation: Heidelberg is known for its consistent drive towards pioneering technology. Their showcase at drupa 2024 is expected to be a hotbed of innovation, offering attendees firsthand experience with the latest developments in the print industry.

  • Industry insights: Participate in interactive presentations and discussions led by industry experts from Heidelberg. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into current trends and future perspectives in the international print industry.

  • Networking opportunities: Engaging with the Heidelberg team at drupa can open up opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, potential business partners, and leading figures in the industry.

3. Konica Minolta

Location and exhibit showcase

You can locate Konica Minolta's exhibit in Hall 8b at Booths A40-1 to A40-6. To help maximize your time at Drupa, grab an event map or utilize the drupa mobile app for real-time directions to the exhibit's location.

What to expect

Leveraging its reputation as a cutting-edge company, Konica Minolta will highlight the latest innovations that promote sustainable production and increased efficiency.

  • Discover the future of printing: Experience how their innovative solutions redefine the value of printed materials, from pages to packaging and finishes.

  • Witness revolutionary breakthroughs: Be among the first to see how their cutting-edge advancements reshape the printing industry's possibilities.

  • Explore industry 5.0 narratives: Dive into stories of scalability, reliability, sustainability, and automation, all designed to enhance the human experience in printing.

Value for print industry professionals 

Here are a few benefits for you as a print professional:

  • Directly connect with Konica Minolta representatives and specialists. This presents an opportunity to directly ask any pressing questions about your professional needs or problems.

  • Insights and first-hand experience of the latest offerings from one of the industry's leading figures. You can directly contrast their products and advancements against those of other leading innovators and competitors.

  • Experience a front-row seat to the future of the industry. With an emphasis on digitalization and a commitment to sustainable practices, Konica Minolta is expected to provide an inspiring glimpse into the future of print.

4. Koenig & Bauer

Location and exhibit showcase

You can find their exhibition stand in Hall 16, at Booths A31-1 to A31-5. 

What to expect

Be prepared to immerse yourself in their comprehensive solutions for the print industry. According to their drupa 2024 webpage, the company plans to highlight its innovation in both digital and conventional printing. This includes:

  • Their innovative Rapida 106 X press for sheetfed offset printing

  • Their CorruCUT system for the direct printing of corrugated board

  • Latest developments in post-press machinery designed to improve both efficiency and sustainability

Value for print industry professionals 

Visiting Koenig & Bauer at drupa 2024 offers significant value for print industry professionals. Not only can you learn about the latest trends and products in printing directly from the source, but you will also get a glimpse into the future of the printing industry as envisioned by a global leader.

  • Digitalization and sustainability innovations: Koenig & Bauer will showcase new technologies enhancing efficiency and eco-friendliness in printing.

  • Complete packaging workflow: Experience the entire packaging process, emphasizing precision and high-end solutions.

  • Modular innovation and digital transformation: Discover how modularity and digital advancements improve printing efficiency, profitability, and customization.

5. Müller Martini

Location and exhibit showcase

Located in Hall 1, Stands B50-1 to B50-3, Müller Martini will captivate you with their innovative display. 

What to expect

Expect to see the latest in print and media solutions like:

  • Innovative binding technologies showcasing how to maximize profitability and efficiency.

  • New products and services that streamline print-to-finish processes.

  • In-depth presentations to understand their products and how they can revolutionize your business.

Value for print industry professionals 

Müller Martini offers immense value to professionals in the print industry by:

  • Providing innovative solutions catering to the emerging trends in the global print industry.

  • Offering opportunities to directly interact with their product experts to gain personalized advice and insights.

  • It presents possibilities to learn from live demonstrations and empowers you to make informed decisions about the right solutions for your business.

From such profound insights to unmissable networking opportunities, there's a lot in store for you at Drupa 2024. To explore all the exhibitors and what they have to offer, click here.

Maximizing your visit to the world's leading trade fair

People networking at event

Drupa 2024 offers a unique opportunity for professionals to network, share ideas, and gain insight into the industry's latest technological advancements; therefore, making the most of your visit is essential. 

Let's look at some effective strategies: 

1. Strategizing your exhibit visits

Time management is key at an event as extensive as drupa. It is crucial to prioritize exhibits based on your professional interests and requirements. 

Here are some steps you can follow: 

  • Identify your goals and align them to the exhibits that cater to those needs.

  • Prioritize stands like GelatoConnect, which showcase technological advancements capable of revolutionizing print and media profitability and efficiency.

  • Plan your route by identifying the locations of your must-see exhibits and note down the most efficient path to navigate through them.

2. Pre-scheduling meetings

Make the most of your visit by pre-scheduling meetings with key exhibitors and stakeholders. Here’s how: 

  • Reach out to exhibitors like GelatoConnect and other major players in advance to schedule meetings.

  • Pre-booking ensures that you have dedicated time to discuss potential collaborations, understand products in-depth, and get answers to your queries.

3. Leverage the drupa app

The drupa app offers real-time updates, making it easier for attendees to plan their schedules. It provides: 

  • Up-to-date information on the event schedule and layout.

  • Access to interactive maps for improved navigation.

  • Alerts for upcoming meetings and sessions.

4. Effective networking tips

Here are some networking strategies to help you build meaningful connections that go beyond the event: 

  • Be prepared with your 'elevator pitch' and key questions to ask.

  • Listen attentively to gain insights and perspectives.

  • Don't hesitate to engage in conversations with attendees around you. You never know which connection may offer valuable growth opportunities.

  • Follow up promptly after the event to nurture the connections you've made.

Meet the GelatoConnect team at drupa 2024

Don't miss the opportunity to meet the GelatoConnect team at drupa 2024. This global industry event is vital to anyone involved in the print and graphic design sector. 

Our team is eager to show you how our platform can revolutionize your business operations. From doubling your profit margins and streamlining processes to taking your print production to unimagined levels, GelatoConnect has it all.

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