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Meet our partners

We carefully select each print and logistics partner in our network. We do not choose them based on price, but on their production excellence and professionalism. Over the years of working closely with them, we have delivered technology that makes them more efficient. They, in turn, have provided us with insights that fuel our technology and improves our global platform.

Working with a disruptive company like Gelato allows us to explore a broader and bolder vision for the future of digital printing. Together we strive to push the boundaries of the industry, to develop better, faster and more sustainable solutions for customers. Our collaboration is fueled by the thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals that want to share their creativity with the world.

Christian Unterberger, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, Canon Production Printing

Christian Unterberger

The software that Gelato has built allows for smooth integration into our production systems, and within days we were up and running, fulfilling customer orders. As a Gelato Network partner, we can access new revenue streams and opportunities, while also sharing our market insights with the team at Gelato to grow our joint business. We appreciate the collaboration we have had with the Gelato team and the high quality bar that Gelato sets for its products, which we know will have a positive impact on our entire business.


Exakta Print has been a print partner to Gelato for five years. We started printing cards and calendars and experienced first hand how effectively they bundle thousands of small orders into large print runs. Now we process large orders from companies such as Jotun, Hydro and Hexagon. The value that Gelato brings to the global print industry is that orders that were once centrally ordered can now be printed locally in the market where the material should be used.

Håkan Larsson, CEO Exakta Print in Sweden


Gelato's platform is a strong complement to the HP Indigo print service providers. Together we make local printers global, and we give global companies a local presence. Working with Gelato also enables Indigo’s customers to improve productivity and sustainability and become more innovative, while empowering global companies to share their creativity in a smarter way.

Haim Levit, general manager for HP Indigo, a division of HP Graphics Solutions Business

Through the partnership with Gelato we have been able to access local customers we would not have been able to reach or support before. Gelato creates interesting new products and manages all the complexity of aggregating and pre-processing micro orders so that we can produce them efficiently. We appreciate the technology that Gelato brings to the print industry, the sustainability values they stand for, as well as the opportunities it creates for print partners like ProCo to share in new revenue streams.

Jon Bailey, COO, Precision Proco Group