Increase profit margins with GelatoConnect's print workflow software

Optimize and automate the print production process end-to-end. Configure new products or any machine with a few clicks without valuable IT resources.


Introducing GelatoConnect Workflow

A single print workflow platform to manage your entire production process

GelatoConnect Workflow allows you to manage all of your workflow needs with our OEM-agnostic, end-to-end production solution.

With a comprehensive dashboard coupled with real-time machine tracking, GelatoConnect’s print workflow tools offer complete visibility over production.

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“GelatoConnect can increase your profit margin by up to 7% points"


Lower costs on raw materials due to volume aggregation and efficient inventory management.*


Lower shipping costs due to automated shipping and volume aggregation.*

3%-7% pt

Increase in profitability through product and machine-agnostic workflows.*

*McKinsey, 2023, and customer reported savings

Leverage GelatoConnect Workflow’s pre-loaded configurations

Set up a new machine or product with a few clicks, and just as easily, add your customers. Get real-time production insights to make data-driven decisions.

Leverage automated and efficient Pre-press, Production, Post press, packaging (including flow module, production status, scanning/packaging)


Reduce labor spend and need for in-house technical resources

Optimize your labor force by replacing manual tasks with complete automation of your production process and visibility of performance insights and benchmarks.

Reduce the need for in-house technical resources. GelatoConnect works across systems so you will no longer need a person focused on each system. 


Real-time reporting, dashboards and insights

By managing all machine and product configurations from one platform (including Production summaries), GelatoConnect Workflow provides a comprehensive dashboard coupled with real-time tracking that offers complete visibility over production.

Get real-time alerts and recommendations to resolve bottlenecks and deliver peak efficiency.


How GelatoConnect supports your business

Automate and reduce errors

with tailored file adjustments for specific machines and gamified quality checks.

Streamline your workforce

by boosting operational efficiency with streamlined planning and reduced administrative duties.

Reduce procurement spend

by lowering purchasing costs through reduced material waste and enhanced negotiation power with suppliers.

Increase your throughput

by maximizing output through fine-tuned production volumes and optimized equipment capacity.

Reduce inventory

by achieving leaner levels through instant visibility and smart automated buying suggestions.

Optimize your logistics costs

by minimizing shipping expenses with an automated system to select the most efficient delivery methods

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Why implement print workflow automation software

GelatoConnect is print automation software that automates the entire print process, from order intake to final output, reducing human error and manual intervention.

Integrate preflight checks, file optimizations, and gamified quality control and improve operational efficiency, resulting in faster turnaround times and increased accuracy.

It also reduces operational costs and supports scaling operations without a proportional increase in workforce or overhead.


Manage your business on the go with the GelatoConnect app

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the GelatoConnect digital print workflow software can streamline your business and save valuable time.


Increase profitability and improve efficiency

Be part of the future of production with GelatoConnect

GelatoConnect Workflow FAQs