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Global print solutions designed to simplify logistics and enhance your business efficiency.

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How print shipping works with GelatoConnect

Seamless order intake

GelatoConnect performs instant preflight checks to assess the technical feasibility, ensuring that all files meet the required specifications for production.


Automated workflow

Maximize your printing throughput with optimized production volumes and equipment capacity, ensuring high-quality output and increased operational efficiency.


Manage your global shipping in a single system

Optimize logistics costs with an automated shipping management system that selects the most efficient delivery methods to reduce shipping expenses and enhance delivery timelines.


“GelatoConnect can increase your profit margin by up to 7% points"


Lower costs on raw materials due to volume aggregation and efficient inventory management.*


Lower shipping costs due to automated shipping and volume aggregation.*

3%-7% pt

Increase in profitability through product and machine-agnostic workflows.*

*McKinsey, 2023, and customer reported savings

Choose GelatoConnect Logistics and optimize your print shipping

Fast and reliable delivery

Experience unmatched delivery speeds of print orders by utilising our global network of logistics providers.

GelatoConnect helps you to meet your production SLAs and keep your customers happy.

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Lower print shipping costs

Our logistics shipping management experts work on your behalf to negotiate the best rates and routes.

With aggregated buying, you’ll have peace of mind that your products get to their end destination at the lowest cost.

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Manage print shipping on the go with the GelatoConnect app

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the GelatoConnect app can streamline your print shipping process and save valuable time.

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All-in-one print shipping solution at GelatoConnect

Seamless workflow integration

With our OEM-agnostic, end-to-end print production software, optimize every stage from order to delivery.

Streamline your workforce

by boosting operational efficiency with streamlined planning and reduced administrative duties.

Enhanced customer experience

With faster turnaround times and global reach, ensure customer satisfaction through efficient print management.

Real-time order tracking

Gain comprehensive visibility with our dashboard that tracks each order in real time, enhancing control over production processes.

Reduce inventory

by achieving leaner levels through instant visibility and smart automated buying suggestions.

Smart shipping optimization

Reduce shipping costs by 15-35% using our smart system that selects the most efficient shipping methods and carriers.

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