The world's largest production on demand network

  • Connect to the global ecommerce market

  • Grow with the “sell globally, produce locally” revolution

  • Get access to Gelato Connect - our all in one production software solution

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The benefits of being a Gelato partner

Access to a Gelato Connect

Streamline global production on demand with Gelato's world leading software

High volumes of work from multiple sources

Fast-track the growth of your business by supporting the global creator community

Focus on production

We take care of pre-press, customer service, shipping and invoices

Partner app

Manage your jobs on the go with the Gelato partner app.

Get support 24/7

Access to our dedicated parter support team

Faster, smarter, greener

Disrupt traditional manufacturing with 140+ partners in 32 countries

How Gelato works with partners

1. Automated order processing

Our system automatically processes and uploads the orders to the partners via an integrated platform. 

As soon as the order is received, we will provide you with the pre-imposed artwork that is ready for production and a shipping label ready to attach to the final package.

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2. Produce the order

You can focus on what you do best - production. Simply use the pre-imposed artwork and shipping label that we provide and produce the order with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

02_Understanding the basics of print on demand

3. Carrier pickup

Once the order is ready, Gelato will automatically notify the carrier. They will pick it up from your facility and transport it to its final destination.

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Be a part of the world’s largest production on demand network

How does the sublimation printing process workWe adhere to exceptional standards. Naturally, the partners who produce for our brand are nothing less than extraordinary.
embroideryWe select industry-leading production partners, who have a relentless commitment to quality and performance.

Our products

Gelato operates on the basis of many small, personalized orders that are combined using software to help efficiently automate the production process.


Meet our partners

partners“Gelato manages all the complexity of aggregating and pre-processing micro orders so that we can produce them efficiently.”
partner“The software that Gelato has built allows for smooth integration, and within days we were up and running, fulfilling customer orders.”

A profitable partnership with Gelato

  • A shared vision: To rethink production for the benefit of people and the planet.

  • Cutting-edge technology: We have a machine-agnostic network. Our partners use their expertise to select the most suitable equipment with the latest technology to meet customer requirements.

  • High-quality digital production: We take a metrics-driven approach and work closely with partners to deliver optimal quality products and experiences to the global creator community.

  • Simple-and-fast integration: With Gelato’s proprietary production workflow, partners that meet our requirements can integrate into the Gelato Network in just a few simple steps.


Increase profitability and improve efficiency

Be part of the future of production with GelatoConnect

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