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Minna Philipson joins Gelato as Chief Brand Officer

 Åslaug Tveiterås
NewsSep 16 2022

Minna Philipson, former Vice President Marketing and Brand at TIER Mobility, joins Gelato as Chief Brand Officer (CBO). As part of the leadership team, Minna Philipson will be responsible for brand, marketing, and communications.

"As a brand, we have bold ambitions and unique capabilities. We are transforming global production to benefit people and the planet. Our brand stands for who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. It sits at the heart of our decision-making, product development, and communication and helps grow our relationships with stakeholders and customers,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, founder and CEO of Gelato.

“Gelato represents the future of business. Enabling entrepreneurs and creators to build their businesses in an efficient and sustainable way combines my passion for creativity, sustainability, and innovative commerce. Gelato’s vision of rethinking production for the benefit of people and the planet is unique and very exciting. I see huge opportunities for Gelato as a brand and look forward to this journey,” says Minna Philipson.

“I am thrilled to welcome Minna to the team. Her experience from both building new brands in fast-scaling companies like Tier, combined with her excellent aptitude for brand legacy and global scale from TAG Heuer to Adidas, will help accelerate the positioning of Gelato, and protect, nurture and develop the brand we have built so that Gelato stays strong both as a brand and business.”

Minna joins Gelato after having spent the last 2.5 years as Vice President Marketing and Brand at TIER Mobility. Before this role, Minna led marketing and branding for luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer, following three years as Chief Marketing Officer for the Danish jewelry behemoth Pandora and nine years in marketing roles at Adidas.

About Gelato

Gelato was founded by CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen in 2007, and consists of the Gelato platform and the consumer brand Optimalprint. The experience of running millions of micro-orders and expanding its network of global print partners to reach its fast-growing global customer base became the foundation for what Gelato is today, on a mission to empower ecommerce and the creator economy to reach any customer overnight with any customized product. Through its network of more than 100 production partners in 32 countries, 50 million creators and ecommerce sellers can already reach 5 billion consumers worldwide within 72 hours.

The company has offices in Barcelona, Belgrade, Boston, Kyiv, Lahore, London, Lund, Madrid, Mumbai, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tokyo, and Toronto. Gelato’s headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.

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