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DIS-ORDER: The Mental Health Clothing Brand
Customer StoryJun 26 2023
the art of photographs
Customer StoryJan 31 2023
The Art of Photographs: Scaling a digital dream with Gelato’s AppPhotographs are portals that have the power to transport us to a time that’s long gone. The memories they create are long-lasting and unforgettable. What if they could be made more accessible and memorable?
Customer StoryOct 4 2022
Nordhuset: Norwegian landmarks - one vibrant artwork at a timeNordhuset, “The North House”, creates and sells vintage and pop art style posters of beautiful landmarks in and around Norway. Since its founding during the heart of the pandemic, Nordhuset has grown exponentially
Just Lyne
Customer StoryOct 4 2022
Just Lyne: From an anniversary gift to a blossoming business It’s not easy to find gifts for your partner when you’ve been dating for years. Meet Mariana Madaleno and Vicente Mourão, who, after four years of dating, were desperate to find a fresh, interesting gift they’d both enjoy receiving
Customer StoryJul 15 2022
Born Beau: Diseñado pensando en el clienteBorn Beau fue concebido como una idea de regalo de arte personalizado. Originario de la República Checa, Tom estaba ansioso por mudarse a Londres para ir a la universidad, vivir en el extranjero, aprender inglés y obtener un título en ingeniería. Fue allí donde en 2019 tomó vuelo su espíritu emprendedor. Emprendedor en lugar de artista, Tom pronto comenzó a apresurarse. Al establecer algunos negocios secundarios, conectó sus intereses con el comercio electrónico y comenzó a probar algunas ideas en las industrias del fitness y el arte.
Customer StoryMar 24 2021
Sportymaps: Transforming a passion into a global ecommerce businessA running poster designer, designing running posters...
Customer StoryMar 21 2021
Mapiful secures a local and resilient supply chain with GelatoMapiful is a leading player in personalised wall art, specialising in stylised maps of the places that mean the most to you.
Customer StorySep 2 2020
Your Film Poster scales their ecommerce business globallyJort Kamphuis and Wessel Groenendijk launched Your Film Poster in March 2020. The duo’s passion for film fueled their mission to let customers personalize film posters and make it into wall art.