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Gelato featured in eCommerce FASTLANE podcast

eCommerce FASTLANE Henrik Müller Hansen production on demand
NewsMay 10 2023

Sell Globally, produce locally: Unlocking the speed, reach and scale of local on-demand production and distribution

Providing a link to more than 130 production hubs across 32 countries, Gelato empowers entrepreneurs, artists, merchants, and creators to produce locally, on-demand customized items such as art, books, and clothing.

In a recent episode of the eCommerce Fastlane Podcast, Gelato founder and CEO, Henrik Müller-Hansen shares how Gelato is transforming global ecommerce. Gelato's model speeds up delivery times and reduces costs, waste, and carbon emissions. By producing orders in the recipient’s country, Gelato manages to cut down on the transportation distances that usually plague ecommerce.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The challenges that established brands face when it comes to global platforms.

  2. The importance of sustainability in ecommerce, including reducing transportation distances and the environmental impact of mass-produced products.

  3. How established brands can use Gelato to expand into new verticals and address quality considerations such as delivery time, materials, sustainability, and packaging.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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About Gelato

Gelato enables local, on-demand production on a global scale through the world’s largest network for production on demand. Gelato produces personalized products in 32 countries, enabling creators and ecommerce sellers to scale their business and reach customers faster while reducing waste, costs, and carbon emissions. By doing so they are changing the game, making it possible for small ideas to grow and make an impact. For both people and the planet.

Gelato was founded by CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen in 2007, and consists of the Gelato platform and the consumer brand Optimalprint. The company has offices in Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Boston, Kyiv, Lahore, London, Lund, Madrid, Mumbai, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tokyo, and Toronto. Gelato’s headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.

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