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1. What is dropshipping?

Nine best dropshipping products to sell in 2024

It's no secret that online retail has become more profitable than ever before. According to Shopify, 21.2% of total retail sales will happen online by 2024.

But how do you get your online business up and running without the hassle of upfront costs? Dropshipping offers a unique approach to selling products in online stores without worrying about inventory or order fulfillment.

What exactly is dropshipping, and how can it benefit your online store? You've come to the right place to find out. We'll tell you what you need to know about starting a successful dropshipping business with a print on demand service like Gelato.

Then, we'll explore techniques you can use to find the trending best dropshipping products to boost your sales. Last, we'll look at some of the best dropshipping products and dropshipping niches to add to your online store in 2024.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Dropshipping is an ecommerce model allowing online sales without holding inventory, fulfilled by third-party providers. It's easy to start but competitive, with challenges in product quality control and customer satisfaction.

  • Print on demand is similar to dropshipping but offers more flexibility in custom product design. Products are created and shipped by a third party only after being ordered.

  • Dropshipping can be up to 50% more profitable than traditional retail models. Success depends on product research, market trends, audience targeting, digital marketing, and reliable suppliers.

  • To identify trending products for dropshipping, monitor social media trends, analyze competitors, and use tools like Google Trends for market research.

  • The top categories for best dropshipping products this year include clothing and fashion accessories, baby products, home goods, office supplies, personal care and beauty products, electronics, pet supplies, sustainable products, and home fitness equipment.

  • Ideal dropshipping products have an optimal price, marketability, low turnover, are compact, and are not easily found in local stores. Consider MAP pricing and the potential for upselling accessories.

  • Gelato offers a global network for product production and delivery, focusing on local production to reduce costs and emissions. They provide a platform for easy product fulfillment without inventory management.

What is dropshipping?

what is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a unique ecommerce business model that allows sellers to offer products for sale online without actually keeping any inventory in stock. Customers who order through your ecommerce store will have them fulfilled and shipped by third-party providers.

Many online store owners are drawn to dropshipping as a business model due to the ease of setting up their online store and sourcing niche products from third-party suppliers. According to Dropshipping.com, the dropshipping business will be worth $500 billion by 2027.

However, because there are low barriers to entry, dropshipping businesses can be highly competitive, and differentiating your product can be challenging.

Often, sellers must offer competitive pricing to succeed in this model, earning small profit margins. Moreover, the seller has no control over the product's quality, shipping costs, or delivery timeline, which can lead to unsatisfied customers and hinder the success of an online store due to delays, refund requests, and negative customer reviews.

Dropshipping vs. print on demand

Print on demand is an ecommerce business model similar to dropshipping that allows sellers to create and promote custom-printed products for sale. Print on demand allows the seller more flexibility to design and create custom or niche products their target audience seeks.

The seller can upload their custom designs using their print on demand supplier's platform and create product listings directly from their ecommerce storefront. When the store sells an item, the third-party provider will manufacture the product and ship it directly to the final customer. The seller doesn't purchase or hold any inventory; products are only paid for, printed, and shipped when a customer orders.

Is dropshipping still profitable?

It certainly can be if you play your cards right! According to market research by Fundera, retailers who set up a dropshipping store can be up to 50% more profitable than those who opt for onsite inventory.

Also, according to DooFinder, dropshipping businesses typically have profit margins between 10% to 30%, which is pretty decent. 

While selling dropshipping products can be lucrative, running an online store is challenging. As with any retail venture, a successful dropshipping business will depend on many factors.

To achieve high profit margins, you'll need to commit to the following:

  • Doing product research to find the best dropshipping products to sell

  • Following market trends

  • Researching and following your target audience

  • Using digital marketing to get your products in front of customers

  • Finding a reliable supplier to fulfill your orders

The excellent news is that you'll have plenty of time to focus on these vital tasks when you enlist the help of dropshipping suppliers to handle your product fulfillment and shipping processes.

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How to find trending products for dropshipping to sell

So how are you supposed to find the best ones to offer your customers? As plenty of successful dropshipping businesses will tell you, a little market research goes a long way.

No matter your dropshipping niche, there are now many dropshipping websites and product research tools online that you can use for free. Here are some valuable tips and tricks for finding winning products for your business.

1. Watch social media trends

Social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest offer front-row access to trending products for dropshipping. If you still need an account on each platform, now is an excellent time to take the plunge.

Even if you already have personal accounts on popular social media sites, it may be worth creating separate ones dedicated explicitly to finding dropshipping products to sell. Make sure you follow popular influencers in your niche to see what products they promote and the reactions they generate.

Social media accounts can also be a great way to market your products. Tools like Pinterest Analytics and Instagram Insights offer valuable tools for tracking the performance of your posts. Facebook also provides an excellent product research lab called Meta Foresite as part of their overall Meta Business Suite.

2. Analyze competitors

Let's face it: a little lowkey competitor stalking is a vital part of any marketing strategy. It's a great way to discover which dropshipping products your competitors offer and which they aren't.

As you track online shopping websites and creators, look for any gaps your business can fill. While high-demand products are always solid bets, offering a few unique products from trending dropshipping niches can be a great way to boost your profit margin.

3. Utilize Google Trends

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to find out how much interest top trending products for dropshipping were generating? Google Trends is a free tool that allows you to do exactly that.

A favorite product research tool of marketers and business owners everywhere, Google Trends will give you an inside peek at which products customers seek on search engines. Simply type keywords related to your dropshipping product ideas, and Google Trends will reveal which are generating the most volume, how interest has fluctuated over time, and what trending products are currently in your niche.

Nine best dropshipping products to start selling in 2024

Now it's time we get to the heart of the matter. You’ve been eagerly waiting for this, and we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the top product picks that are projected to capture consumers’ interest in the forthcoming year, 2024.

Clothing and fashion accessories


It may be no surprise that fashion and clothing rank as Shopify's most popular shopping category. The good news is that clothing will always be in high demand. It's also straightforward to break down into subcategories, such as casual women's clothing, athletic women's clothing, etc. 

The only downside is that because it's one of the top-selling products or niches, the clothing and fashion category has plenty of competition. The key here is to offer unique products that appeal to your target audience.

Think about ways you can use the collected product data to create products that result in more sales. Here are some of the best dropshipping products for men and women in the clothing and accessories category:

Baby products

baby products

While baby products can be among the most profitable dropshipping products to sell online, this is another niche with fierce competition. According to a study by Grand View Research, the baby products market was valued at $320.65 billion in 2023, with an expected compound growth rate of 5.9% from 2024 to 2030.

However, the study also pinpointed some key considerations that can help your dropshipping business succeed. Recently, there's been a shift toward high-quality, premium baby products among parents worldwide.

Offering organic or eco-friendly dropshipping products for babies is a great way to set yourself apart. Here are some of the best dropshipping items in the baby products category:

Home goods

home decor

Okay, so major home furnishings may not make for the most shipping-friendly dropshipping products. But according to the most recent economic data from the St. Louis Fed, the home furnishings industry is alive and well.

While dinette sets may not be on your list of hot dropshipping products, the key to a profitable dropshipping business is often to think outside the box. The odds are that plenty of other trending products for dropshipping that easily sell would appeal to your target market.

Unless your business partners with a supplier that can ensure proper packaging, it's best to target hot products that aren't too fragile, bulky, or heavy. Here are some of the best products to dropship in the home goods category:

Office supplies

office supplies

Office supplies have low-cost items that best-selling dropshipping products comprise. They're lightweight, inexpensive to ship, and consumable, so customers will always need more.

But given that plenty of dropshipping suppliers offer these products at a low retail price, it's vital to figure out how to set your dropshipping items apart, and this is where incentives such as bulk purchasing and customization can be the key to offering winning products.

Market research shows that the personalized stationery market is projected to grow at a 9.6% CAGR through 2030, largely due to customers like educational and corporate institutions. Here are some of the best dropshipping products in the office supplies category:

Personal care and beauty products

array of personal care and beauty products

Personal care and beauty products can make great high-demand additions for the right dropshipping businesses.

But while personal care items and beauty products will never go out of style, it's essential to ensure that the products you offer in your dropshipping store meet relevant safety and quality regulations.

As with many other dropshipping products, you'll also want to find ways to make you stand out. You might consider ideas like offering eco-friendly packaging or focusing on products for sensitive skin. Below are some of the best dropshipping products in the personal care products category that offer huge growth potential:

  • Body wash

  • Face wash

  • Facial oil and moisturizers

  • Acne patches

  • Loofahs

  • Sunscreen

  • Bath bombs

  • Perfumes

  • Deodorant

  • Shampoos and conditioners

  • Makeup brushes

  • Makeup (e.g., foundation, blush, eyeshadow)

  • Shaving cream

  • Razors

  • Skincare products


a collection of modern electronic gadgets

If you love staying on top of the latest electronics products, then why not sell them as dropshipping items? Research estimates that over 33.5% of consumer electronics revenue will be generated through ecommerce in 2024.

Electronics can make a great addition to dropshipping businesses for several reasons. They're not only vital for personal and professional use but relatively lightweight and easy to ship, which can help boost your profit margin.

Even if you aren't up for tackling the constantly evolving nature of electronics, items like phone accessories are easy to sell online and don't tend to require tech support. Check out some of the products in the electronics category:

  • Phone cases

  • Wireless earbuds

  • Ring lights

  • Smart home devices

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • USB adapters and cables

  • Portable chargers

  • Kitchen electronics (e.g., blenders, air fryers, electric kettles)

  • Gaming accessories (e.g., headsets, controllers)

  • Smartwatches

  • Scanners

  • Printers

  • Portable blenders

Pet supplies

variety of essential pet supplies

According to research from Zippia, 70% of American households include at least one pet. Additionally, US pet owners spend an average of $1,332 annually on furry friends. The pet supply market is full of dropshipping products, which can make for a very profitable business.

If you decide to cater to this niche, you'll want to ensure that you select only the best dropshipping products for your store. Not only is there a great deal of competition, but it's also imperative to ensure the safety and durability of any items you sell.

Another upside to offering pet products through your dropshipping business is that many are consumable, which can lead to repeat customers. Here are some great ideas for dropshipping products in the pet supplies category:

  • Poop bags

  • Toys

  • Food bowls

  • Pee pads

  • Collars, harnesses, and leashes

  • Jackets

  • Sweaters

  • Booties

  • Pet food

  • Grooming products

  • Beds

  • Carriers

Sustainable products

collection of sustainable products

Trends come and go, but sustainability is here to stay. The growing eco-conscious global consumers demand viable solutions to their daily needs, and sustainable products meet this demand head-on.

From reusable items to solar-powered gadgets, these green alternatives are transforming ordinary consumption into responsible living, making them hot commodities for the discerning consumer of 2024. Sustainable products not only meet the ethical standards of today's consumers, but they also boast a unique appeal that mainstream items often lack.

By offering eco-friendly options in your dropshipping store, you get to carve a niche that speaks to the environmentally aware masses while staying ahead of your competition. Here are some sustainable dropshipping products that are likely to trend in 2024: 

  • Reusable shopping bags

  • Bamboo toothbrushes

  • Solar-powered chargers

  • Organic cotton clothing

  • Eco-friendly water bottles

Home fitness equipment

a range of home fitness equipment

As the trend of home workouts continues to rise, the demand for home fitness equipment is not falling behind. More and more individuals are creating their own mini gyms at home, contributing to the growing market for portable and compact fitness equipment.

Dropshipping these items can help your ecommerce business tap into this exploding niche and meet the fitness needs of your customers. Consider expanding your dropshipping product range with: 

  • Foldable treadmills

  • Resistance bands

  • Adjustable dumbbells

  • Yoga mats

  • Home gym sets

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What are the qualities of the best dropshipping product?

The common attributes of the best dropshipping products include an optimal price point, marketability, and unique appeal. Ideal dropshipping items often have additional accessories for upselling, exhibit low turnover rates, and are conveniently compact. They’re typically items not easily found in local stores, increasing online demand. Understanding these qualities helps select products that align with market trends and customer preferences, which is crucial for a successful dropshipping business. 

Let’s delve deeper.

The perfect price

Selecting products with an ideal price range is vital in dropshipping. Products priced too low might not cover costs or generate enough profit, while overly expensive items deter potential buyers. The perfect price point strikes a balance, offering value to the customer while ensuring a healthy profit margin for the seller. Analyzing the market and competition helps set a price that appeals to your target audience and meets industry standards.

MAP pricing

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) plays a significant role in maintaining brand value and profit margins in dropshipping. Products with MAP pricing ensure that they are not advertised below a specific price, protecting the seller’s profit margins and the brand’s reputation. Adopting MAP pricing helps maintain a level playing field among competitors and establishes a standard for product value, making it an essential consideration for dropshippers.  

Marketing potential

The possibility to market a product effectively is crucial in dropshipping. Items that stand out because of unique traits, popularity, or emotional connection are more likely to succeed. Social media and SEO tactics can significantly increase a product’s visibility and attractiveness. Choosing products with a strong marketing potential can enhance sales and boost customer interaction.

Additional accessories to sell

Products and additional accessories offer an excellent opportunity for upselling in dropshipping. These accessories enhance the primary product’s utility, encouraging customers to purchase more. Selecting main products that naturally lead to the sale of complementary items can increase average order value and customer satisfaction. This strategy boosts sales and provides a complete solution to the customer’s needs. 

Low turnover

Products with low turnover rates are ideal for dropshipping, as they offer stability and consistent sales over time. These items have enduring appeal and are not subject to rapid changes in trends or seasons. Focusing on products with low turnover ensures steady sales and reduces the risk associated with constantly changing inventory. It also allows for better prediction of stock levels and more effective inventory management. 

Small is usually best

Small items often have logistical and cost advantages in dropshipping. They are easier to store, handle, and ship, leading to lower shipping costs and fewer complications. Smaller products also minimize the risk of damage during transit, ensuring customer satisfaction. By focusing on compact items, dropshippers can streamline their operations and offer more efficient shipping options to their customers. 

Difficult to find nearby

Products that are difficult to find in local stores have a higher demand in the dropshipping market. These unique or niche items draw customers to online shopping platforms, looking for products they can’t easily purchase elsewhere. Offering such products sets your dropshipping store apart and taps into a market of customers seeking specific, hard-to-find items. This exclusivity can be a significant selling point and drive traffic to your ecommerce store.

How is dropshipping with Gelato different?

At Gelato, we empower global creators to produce and deliver their products through our vast network of local production partners and entrepreneurs. Our mission is simple: we want local communities to create what local communities need. 

As a merchant, we automatically fulfill your products - no need to manage inventory or make up-front investments. Using Gelato's platform, more than 85% of manufactured products are local, reducing delivery times, costs, and carbon emissions. We believe in making your business smarter, faster, and greener.

Start a successful dropshipping business with Gelato today

As you can see, starting a dropshipping store is an easy and inexpensive way to create your own business from anywhere. Finding a high-quality, reliable supplier will allow you to focus on staying on top of the latest trends, choosing the best dropshipping products to sell, and offering exceptional customer service.

New items in Gelato's catalog worth dropshipping

Exciting new additions to Gelato's catalog can enhance your dropshipping offerings. Featuring products such as hats, blankets, towels, and socks, Gelato's expanded range is eager to meet your varying store needs. 

  • Hats: Not just any hats, but a unique range that comes in various styles and colors, ready to be customized as per your customer demands. Their longevity and enhanced comfort make them a top choice for customers seeking fashion with functionality. 

  • Blankets: These are not your regular blankets, but delightfully cozy, velvety soft blankets, perfect for snuggle times in any season. These items are lightweight yet warm, offering a high-value item to consumers looking for comfort in every season. 

  • Towels: Made with softer, durable materials, Gelato's towels promise increased water absorbency and longevity. Plus, with customization options, these make for a perfect add-on item or a standalone star in your home goods section. 

  • Socks: These open up an opportunity to cater to an essential market need. They provide both everyday style and comfort. Plus, considering the low weight and size, the shipping costs for these items will be relatively low, increasing your profit margin

Remember that dropshipping websites are growing in popularity, so finding ways to make your online store stand out is essential! From investing in online marketing to focusing on a niche target market, you should constantly look for ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Dropshipping products FAQs

What makes a product suitable for dropshipping?

The ideal dropshipping product balances popularity, uniqueness, and shipping ease. It should target specific niches, consistently be in demand, and provide good profits. Such products are not easily found in local stores, enhancing their online appeal. They are lightweight, sturdy, and have minimal return risks related to size or fit, making them well-suited for the dropshipping model.

How do I choose a profitable niche for dropshipping?

Choosing a profitable niche for dropshipping involves researching market trends, identifying customer interests, and assessing competition. Look for niches with a growing audience, such as eco-conscious products or tech gadgets. Use tools like Google Trends to gauge interest and search for niches with high search volumes but low competition. Also, consider your interests and expertise when choosing a niche, as they can add value to your venture. Ideally, a profitable niche will have a committed customer base and prospects for sustained growth.

Are any specific product categories performing well in dropshipping?

Certain product categories consistently perform well in dropshipping, including apparel, mugs, wall art, tech accessories, and stationery items. These categories often have products in constant demand, are regularly updated, and have a broad appeal. Niche products, like eco-friendly items or specialized hobby gear, can also be lucrative if they cater to specific interests. Analyzing market trends and customer behavior can help identify which categories are currently popular and profitable.

How can I ensure the quality of dropshipped products?

Ensuring the quality of dropshipped products starts with choosing a reputable supplier. Research and select suppliers known for quality products—order samples to personally check the product’s quality and address any recurring issues with the supplier. Stay updated on the products by periodically ordering samples, mainly when changes or additions occur. Building solid relationships with suppliers can also help maintain and improve product quality.

What marketing strategies work best for dropshipping products?

To market dropshipping products effectively, prioritize using social media, SEO, email, and content marketing strategies. Engage your audience on social media, showcase your products, and develop focused ad campaigns. Optimize your website for search engines to enhance online visibility. You can also use email marketing for personalized promotions and maintaining customer relationships. Content marketing efforts in the form of blogs and creating informative videos can attract and educate potential customers. Combining these strategies can drive traffic, boost sales, and build brand awareness.

Can I change the products I dropship over time?

Yes, you can change the products you dropship over time. It’s important to stay flexible and adapt to market trends, customer preferences, and seasonal demands. Regularly analyzing sales data, market trends, and customer feedback can guide you in updating your product offerings. Diversifying your products can also reduce risk and tap into new customer segments. However, ensure strategic and gradual changes to maintain brand consistency and customer trust. Regularly updating your inventory can keep your dropshipping business relevant and competitive. 


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