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Welcome to Gelato

We are a software company. We do not own any printers. Actually, we do not own any fixed assets at all. Instead, we build software. Today, Gelato represents the world's largest network of printers and logistics options. We produce personalized print products in 33 countries, reaching more than 5 billion people. Thanks to this network your customers around the world will receive their orders faster and more sustainable due to shorter delivery distances.

Before founding Gelato I was CEO for Tele2 Norway, a $400M Telecom company. The Gelato team has been built up with people from telco and technology backgrounds - not print. We have focused on adding technology to what we saw as an analogue industry. This focus will add value to your business. You can access a reliable billing service, efficient data storage, automated customer service, and much more.

We carefully select each print partner, not based upon price but on production excellence and professionalism. Over the years of working closely with our print partners, we have also delivered technology that makes them more efficient. They, in turn, have provided us with printing insights that fuel our technology.

Our first business, Optimalprint, got off to a flying start selling personalized greeting cards across Europe. Today Optimalprint is a photo-product business operating in 23 countries. The millions of orders produced by our network of printers have refined our production workflow technology and perfected the product quality. We are extremely proud to read what our customers say about their Optimalprint experience on consumer review sites like Trustpilot. This would never have been possible without Gelato's resilient network.

With Gelato API we want to give every entrepreneur or company the same growth opportunity as Optimalprint. You are now able to launch a truly global on-demand print service. This will allow you to connect with new customers in new markets and better serve your existing customers. Your products are produced nearer to your customers by highly qualified local printers. Transportation time is shortened. Carbon emissions are reduced.

When I sometimes get asked - why Gelato? My answer is because Gelato is smarter, faster and greener. Who does not want that?

I hope you will join us on this journey.

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