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Sell Globally, Print Locally

Sell globally produce locally
BlogAug 19 2021
digital printing

The global pandemic has impacted us all. The effects on the global economy will be numerous over the months and years to come, but one immediate implication has been the disruption of supply chains which has made international shipping difficult, if not impossible. Companies who rely on print as a source of revenue have been hit hard by the crisis as many print production facilities have been closed due to government and public health regulations. Orders have not reached customers on time or at all. Gelato enables global companies to print with high-quality HP Indigo machines in 32 countries around the world, handling local payments and delivery options as part of a global supply chain. It is print on-demand in the country in which the customer lives. “For our customers, Gelato’s local production and delivery service has operated without any disruption during these last 2 months. We have therefore seen a surge in number of customers that have signed up seeking to access our on-demand service,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO & Founder of Gelato.

“Print as a Service” through Gelato’s network of HP Indigo Print Service Providers

As brands and print service providers (PSPs) around the world navigate through these uncertain times, many are using Gelato’s infrastructure and HP Indigo technology to deliver high-quality print to customers around the world.

Gelato leverages its connected global network of highly skilled HP Indigo print service providers to serve a wide range of businesses and applications, from photo applications like photo books to home décor such as wall art prints and posters.

Stefan Persson, CEO of Doodlespot, has been able to grow globally with Gelato, “Doodlespot chose Gelato because overnight the world became our marketplace. We could access high-quality print in an environmentally friendly way, with fast delivery and local production. As a result of working with Gelato, we have been able to start selling our products in new countries in minutes!

Fulfilling orders large and small locally

Print service providers benefit from a distributed model by gaining access to new revenue opportunities and customers. “Through the partnership with Gelato we have been able to access local customers we would not have been able to reach or support before. Gelato creates interesting new products and manages all the complexity of aggregating and pre-processing micro orders so that we can produce them efficiently. We appreciate the technology that Gelato brings to the print industry, the sustainability values they stand for, as well as the opportunities it creates for print partners like ProCo to share in new revenue streams,” says Jon Bailey, CEO, ProCo.

Uniform quality and color consistency create happy customers

Gelato’s print network is oriented around HP Indigo’s technology. Each customer order uses the print machines and same software, which guarantees the same high-end print quality no matter where it is printed. Gelato and HP Indigo are cooperating to assure the highest color consistency through a partnership based on HP’s PrintOS Color Beat technology. This software allows for a fully automated production process, securing the same color results no matter where the print material is produced.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash