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Environmental impact calculation

Methodology for the Gelato environmental impact calculation

This calculation is a method to estimate the potential reductions in CO2e emissions from moving to Gelato as a customer and is not an actual CO2e reduction calculation. The calculation is based on actual data from our customers' print volume, their prior and current print locations. Based on the print locations and an average weight per order we calculate the average emissions equivalent saved per order. The calculation has been reviewed and developed in collaboration with Ethos International, a Swedish sustainable management consultancy bureau. The calculation and assumptions made will be updated as we gather more customer data.

Scope and limitations

This calculation is limited in scope based on paper volume and transportation distance from the printer to the customer. The calculation only includes products made of paper. The calculation does not include emissions factors for the printing stage. The transportation distance is based on Google Maps API and does not reflect the exact transportation route. Emission factors for transportation are sourced from the Department for Environment Food Rural Affairs, UK (DEFRA) for international freight flights and vans. The calculation of CO2e emissions from transportation uses an activity-based approach. Temporary storage as part of the logistical transportation routes is not included in the scope of the calculation.

Emission factors for reduced print volumes are based on ‘cradle-to-gate’ emissions from paper production sourced from DEFRA, UK: Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting using data from 2020. The emission factors used from DEFRA for paper production and transportation are based on UK data and local differences may apply for energy mix and other factors.

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