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Let your brand access the $30 billion greeting card market. Build a new business with your existing customers and Gelato Air.

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The platform

The Gelato Air platform comprises a suite of capabilities for delivering the best customer experiences
on all devices and an intuitive administration interface allowing you control of the store.

Data ownership

You have full access and ownership of all data about the visitors, registered users and customers. Gelato Air has no right to use it in any other way than to deliver a great service to you.

Sales timeline

Overview of historic sales figures - follow the progress of your store. But sales is more about the future, which is why we have built in tips and ideas for attracting visitors and expanding your reach.

Solid accounting

Collect your profits every two weeks. View a breakdown of customer charges, costs, refunds & reprints and your gross profit.

Flexible Pricing

Instead of rigid rows and columns, Gelato Air uses a simplified approach to product pricing. Set specific prices for products in quantities you want to push, or even set prices on a product-category level.

Customer service

In the customer section there's an overview of all activities relating to a customer. Contact details, emails, payment attempts, orders and you're able to report problem and solve them right away.

Charity can convert leads to donors

Significantly increases the lifetime value of your shop's visitors by converting them to regular donors.