Gelato features

Realise the True Potential of your Global Brand
Local On-demand printing with centralized brand control

Digital asset management solution

One platform - one library.
Manage all files from one platform. Store, share and edit files.

You control who prints what, where and when.

Align your team.
Ensure that your Marketing and Sales teams access the latest brochures, reports and more, wherever they need them.

Access, edit and order files from any mobile interface.


Cost control.
Gelato gives full cost control through real-time reporting functionality. Filter reports by country, purchaser, billing address and more. Download reports to excel and share with your colleagues within finance.

Advanced reporting functionality simplifies print budgeting processes.

Multi language support

Gelato´s Business Printing Service supports 11 languages and more to come. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

Editable templates

Edit on the go.
Edit templates directly in the browser - no need for Adobe licenses.

Reduce costs.
Remove repetitive design by using editable templates. Reduce up to 90% of design time by editing templates directly in the browser.

Approval flow.
Set up approval flows to verify that files are on-brand before they are ordered.

User management and Access control

Access control.
Admins control who has access to what and can easily add or remove users.

Local billing

Save time and costs.
Gelato has either a local entity or local VAT registration, and can invoice your local entity with local currency and VAT.

Additional benefits


Business cards and other print materials contain personal data. Gelato´s print partners have signed Data Processing Agreements and will help your company to comply with GDPR legislation.

Payment approval flow

Set up approval flows to keep control of costs and consistency.

Cost allocation

Automated cost allocation lets you assign costs to the correct cost center every time.


Easy-to-use mobile interface.

End-to-end tracking

Gelato is integrated with local shipping providers all over the world. Recipients receive SMS with a tracking link.

Global support

Our support team is available 7 days a week through chat and email.

Business cards

Add an order link to your intranet and let your colleagues place orders within minutes.

Bulk ordering

Easy flow for bulk ordering to multiple destinations in one order.

See how it works

Reading about tech is fine but trying it for yourself takes the understanding to a whole new level. With a demo, we guide you through the advantages Gelato can offer and help you find out exactly what difference our solution could make to your company

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Frequently asked questions

Customers who use the full potential of Gelato can expect up to 50% reduction in overall printing costs. When assessing and comparing costs, always consider the total cost of printing (TCP): printing, shipping, print waste / excess printing, import taxes (when shipping prints globally) and internal admin time. Using Gelato will help your company cut costs within all the above areas.

In the header on you will find information about the different price packages that Gelato offers. Print prices: All customers have access to all print price details once you are logged into the application.

Because quality control is what we’re all about, we offer a 100% quality guarantee. We carefully review printers looking to join our network and approve less than 20% of applications. When it comes to the printing itself, multiple factors influence the color, consistency and final result: machine type, machine setting, paper types, humidity in the room, when the machine was last cleaned, just to mention a few examples. Printing is a chemical process, and you can never achieve 100% consistency, but by printing on the same print machines, the same paper types and by implementing strict working processes at the print houses, we are able to get as close to perfect as possible.

Yes, we support 23 different currencies and can send invoices to local entities in local currency with local VAT rates.

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