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Gelato is a global printing solution that brings efficiency and sustainable work processes to global companies.

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Local printing and delivery reaching 100+ countries.


100% brand control with editable templates, over 100 standard formats.


Intelligent cost control features. Billing with local currency and VAT.

A new standard for print products

Gelato products are available in the international paper size standard (ISO 216), from A0 to A7 in addition to B1 & B2, US sizes and custom sizes for posters, stationary, business cards and flyers.

Choose between saddle stitch binding, perfect binding or wire-o when printing brochures and magazines.

Carefully selected paper types ensure that your printed marketing material look and feel the same. We offer matte, silk and glossy paper, from 90gsm to 350gsm, all certified by FSC.

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Frequently asked questions

Customers who use the full potential of Gelato can expect up to 50% reduction in overall printing costs. When assessing and comparing costs, always consider the total cost of printing (TCP): printing, shipping, print waste / excess printing, import taxes (when shipping prints globally) and internal admin time. Using Gelato will help your company cut costs within all the above areas.

In the header on you will find information about the different price packages that Gelato offers. Print prices: All customers have access to all print price details once you are logged into the application.

Because quality control is what we’re all about, we offer a 100% quality guarantee. We carefully review printers looking to join our network and approve less than 20% of applications. When it comes to the printing itself, multiple factors influence the color, consistency and final result: machine type, machine setting, paper types, humidity in the room, when the machine was last cleaned, just to mention a few examples. Printing is a chemical process, and you can never achieve 100% consistency, but by printing on the same print machines, the same paper types and by implementing strict working processes at the print houses, we are able to get as close to perfect as possible.

Yes, we support 23 different currencies and can send invoices to local entities in local currency with local VAT rates.

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Cost control

Digitize print management and cut admin time. Through local and on-demand printing, shipping distances can be cut up to 90% and print volumes up to 50%. As a consequence total cost of printing can be reduced up to 50%.

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Green advantage

Once you get used to on-demand printing with rapid deliveries, you print less and more often. Less waste and paper used.

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Local printing

The Gelato platform supports local production in nearly 30 countries. The platform covers 11 languages and 23 currencies.

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Global delivery

We have local production in nearly 30 countries. Through our local printing and shipping partners we distribute to 100+ countries.

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Better print management

With the help of technology, Gelato brings sharing principles to the global printing industry. The result? More efficient and eco-friendly printing and print management. A perfect printing solution for global companies.

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Quality guarantee

Securing quality is what we’re all about, and we mean it: 100% refund if you're not happy with our quality.

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Brand control

Organize all your brand files in one platform for quick access, painless search and easy editing.

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Translation services

Through partnerships with language management specialists we simplify translation management.

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