Mon Jul 23 2018

Optimalprint launches an innovative photo book service that takes away the hassle of creating photo books

(Oslo, Norway, July 23, 2018) Optimalprint, the consumer brand of the world’s leading cloud printing company Gelato, has today announced the launch of a subscription-based photo book service that allows people to enjoy their digital photos in printed format, automatically.

Today, people take more photos than ever before and the number of photos taken per person continues to grow. But in the world of smartphones and digital photography, these photos often never leave our phones.

The process and time required to sort through images and design a photo book, paired with the cost of printing, is often discouraging. This has resulted in photo books becoming a seasonal event, centred mostly around big occasions or holidays. Today’s consumers want to get their photos printed, but they also want an easy solution that they can use every day.

To help consumers enjoy their digital photos in printed format, Optimalprint has launched Photo Book Series: photo books for people who want an easy and affordable way to transform their digital photos into beautiful books. With Photo Book Series, users can create a photo book in one minute and the process is automatic. By linking their favourite photo source, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos or their mobile phone, photo books are automatically created within the app. When the user has added 60 new photos to the linked photo source, a new book is printed and shipped.

“We love building products that make a difference for our customers. We know that our customers are extremely busy and we are on a mission to create the easiest photo book service,” says Jose Herrero, Head of Optimalprint.

Main product features

Auto sync. After setting up Photo Book Series, the photo books create themselves. Each time the user adds a photo to their selected source it is automatically added to the latest book.

Easy formatting. Each photo book is automatically formatted to present images beautifully, and can be printed without further editing. When a new book is ready, users are given three days before it is sent to print to perform any edits if they choose.

Affordable quality. Each 60-page book is printed in a new 14x14cm format. They are priced at half the cost of traditional photo book solutions and include free standard delivery.

Risk free. Optimalprint offers 100% quality guarantee on all products. If the user is not satisfied, they get a free reprint or their money back.

Photo Book Series is currently available in the Optimalprint mobile app for iOS and Android users in the EU and Norway. Optimalprint’s global network of printers expands over 25 countries. By using this global network, the photo books are printed as close to the end user as possible, reducing delivery times and costs. “With the launch of Photo Books Series, we are able to offer our customers a fast, easy and affordable way to share and relive all their special moments through photos books,” adds Herrero.

For additional information, please contact: Nicolas Blanchet, Product Manager, Optimalprint, +44 7471 526842,

About Optimalprint
Optimalprint is an e-commerce leader in personalized photo products for consumers across Europe, North America and Australia. Optimalprint does not own any print machines. The company is working to create a more sustainable print industry by always printing as close to the end-user as possible. Today Optimalprint has 12 offices around the world with people from over 30 countries.