Fri Aug 25 2017

Insider Russia streamlines printing process with Gelato

Moscow, Russia - Gelato, the leading provider of global print cloud solutions, announced today that Insider Russia, a subsidiary of Insider Group, has chosen Gelato Globe for its domestic print needs.

Insider Russia is a subsidiary of Insider Group, that has offices in 13 countries and is trusted by over 300 businesses to deliver predictive segmentation and real-time personalization technologies. It was one of WIRED Magazine's 100 Hottest Startups in 2016.

Insider Russia had been looking for a brand and print management solution to significantly improve the process of handling printed marketing material. Gelato’s print cloud solution, which includes brand management capabilities, was the perfect fit.

“Our printing process has been highly inefficient and complicated, basically using the same work processes that we've done for years. Freeing up time, which could be better used to the benefit of Insider Russia, was a key driver to find an alternative solution,” says Vadim Mamedov, MD at Insider Russia.

Gelato supports companies to do local printing of marketing material, while maintaining central control of the brand. The software allows files to be stored, edited and shared through a cloud solution accessible from any device - including mobile phones.

Once a print is ordered over the platform, the file is intelligently allocated to the professional print house in the Gelato Network that is closest to the delivery address. This enables on-demand printing and significantly reduces both excess print, logistics and emissions that are associated with shipping printed material vast distances.

“Gelato’s software will help Insider Russia to move to a more efficient way of printing. Together we will considerably improve control of its marketing material and drive down the time needed for managing the process. This will help Insider Russia to re-allocate resources to areas that generates more value for the company” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO of Gelato.

“Gelato’s platform provides us with a fully digitized solution that significantly simplifies the print process for us. Now, our marketing material is just two clicks away and we have full control, all of the time!” adds Vadim Mamedov, MD at Insider Russia.
About Insider

Insider is a digital experience delivery platform for marketers. Accessible from a unified data engine, Insider enables marketers to leverage predictive segmentation and real-time personalization technologies to boost loyalty and digital growth

About Gelato Globe
Gelato Globe is an enterprise solution that enables end-to- end content management, including creating, organizing, and distributing corporate prints worldwide, from any device. Today, the Gelato platform supports 10 languages and 22 currencies, delivering printed
materials to 60 countries and cover 5 billion people via one global print cloud.