Thu Aug 30 2018

Gelato opens up its platform to enable businesses to connect to its global print-on-demand network

(Oslo, August 30, 2018) Gelato, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced print cloud, has opened up its network by enabling partners to connect through APIs. This allows partners to sell printed products through the Gelato platform, which reaches 6 billion consumers in 106 countries.

“There are 60,000 photo app companies in the App Store alone; Gelato´s APIs enable those businesses to further increase customer value by giving them the opportunity to locally print products such as photo books, posters and greeting cards. This has not previously been viable due to the cost and hassle of printing in one country and shipping around the world. Likewise, it also provides a great opportunity for B2B companies looking to capitalize on the recent rise in demand for design-led printed products,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, Gelato CEO and founder.

1200 billion digital photos were taken in 2017, almost a doubling in four years, and the online art market alone grew from $1,5 billion to $3,3 billion between 2013 and 2016, providing extensive opportunities to offer - and monetize - complimentary print products.

Using the new Gelato application programming interface (API), print orders are automatically validated, converted and routed to locations around the world to be efficiently printed and delivered directly to customers. The platform provides access to over 100 print and logistics providers worldwide, while acting as a single point of contact and giving customers integrated end-to-end visibility of order statuses. Millions of print orders, across six continents, have already been processed and delivered by Gelato.

“Gelato offers local print production and shipping services in most major markets, which reduces shipping distances by up to 90% and ensures quick delivery of consistent, high-quality prints. By using the API, businesses will benefit from a powerful quoting, ordering and tracking toolset that gives them complete control and automation of a global printing and delivery capability. All customer information is stored in a secure way according to data privacy regulations. It also enables businesses to focus on their core offerings, while we take care of the printing and delivery processes in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way,” adds Müller-Hansen.

In June of this year, Gelato announced it had raised $20m to accelerate its B2B growth and geographical expansion. In July, it announced it had added 30 countries to its distribution network, now reaching more than 100 countries.

About Gelato
Gelato is the world’s most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly printer for those wishing to print locally around the world. It provides comprehensive print capabilities, offering over 250 products including: posters, brochures, notebooks, magazines, flyers, leaflets, postcards, business cards, roll ups, calendars, booklets and photobooks.