Thu Apr 27 2017

Gelato launched operations in Brazil, Russia, India and China

Gelato manifests position as the only global cloud printing solution

Gelato announced today that it has successfully launched operations in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs), expanding the print platform provider´s global reach from one to five billion people. The company has added a number of tier-one customers during a strong first quarter of 2017, including Lufthansa Cargo, BMW and Sapa, and reiterates the commitment to continue significant investments in global expansion and growth in 2017 and beyond.

“Gelato had an encouraging start of 2017. We manifested our position as the only global cloud printing solution by expanding our geographical reach to the BRIC countries. We already had operations in US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Chile and Australia, but the expansion into the BRIC countries is instrumental for our global customers giving them access to a faster, eco-friendly and much more efficient print solution,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO Gelato. The global print network built by Gelato allows the growing customer base of international companies to print more efficiently and sustainably: BMW, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Lufthansa Cargo, HBM,, Nammo, Nevion, Sapa and Wilhelmsen Walenius Logistics are amongst the companies that have started using Gelato Globe, the company´s B2B solution, since the beginning of the year.

“We moved most of our marketing to digital, but for the occasions where print is still the medium of choice, we were looking for a solution that allows for small, customized print volumes that are available on short notice. As a company operating in more than 100 markets, we needed the global solution that Gelato provides. Gelato’s strong focus on sustainability was another key driver in our decision process,” says Bettina Petzold, Marketing Communication Lufthansa Cargo.

“Gelato has added more than 70 high-end print machines to the network this year – equipment worth about 100 million euros – but we still do not own a single print machine. We see vast growth opportunities across the globe for our B2B offering. Leveraging on this opportunity, we will accelerate the growth by continuing our significant investments in our global expansion throughout 2017 and beyond,” says Müller-Hansen.

Combining digital management of print files and mobile interfaces, with a global network of professional print houses and leading local shipping providers, is the core of enabling more cost-effective and sustainable printing. “Printing unnecessarily high volumes, transporting prints over long distances, customs issues, inconsistent print quality, VAT and invoicing hassles are the pain points described by our customers. Gelato Globe solves these issues for international customers allowing them to print their professional marketing materials – from brochures to posters – on-demand and locally. Cutting down transport distances and excess printing for global brands, will continue to be the key driver for our growth going forward,” Henrik Müller-Hansen concludes.