Wed Oct 25 2017

Gelato and HP Indigo demonstrate consistent print quality worldwide

Same print quality all over the world - possible thanks to a collaboration between HP Indigo and Gelato

Oslo, Norway - Gelato, the leading provider of global print cloud solutions, today announced the completion of a joint project with HP Indigo to demonstrate high levels of brand control across multiple geographies and print partners.

The same marketing material was printed via Gelato and on HP Indigo machines across 9 countries and by 11 different print partners, thus solving the challenge faced by many global companies of ensuring brand and print quality consistency. With Gelato, the color consistency was excellent and the quality of the marketing material was indistinguishable.

“International companies have historically struggled representing their brands in a consistent way across operations, especially when it comes to printed marketing material. This has forced marketing teams to produce centrally and distribute the materials across the globe to maintain brand control, resulting in an unsustainable use of associated resources in areas such as transportation and warehousing” says Fredrik Andersson, COO, Gelato.

“This project demonstrates the power that software and a global delivery network brings to the printing industry. Brand control certainly no longer needs to be compromised across multiple geographies!” adds Fredrik Andersson.

A single print machine has approximately 100 variable settings, which can be configured into thousands of combinations. Gelato controls the settings, connecting to select print houses across the Globe and ensuring consistent machine setup. The combination of Gelato’s print cloud and HP Indigo color technology gives customers the brand control they demand.

This groundbreaking project was carried out to demonstrate how HP digital print technology, combined with Gelato´s software, can revolutionize brand management.

“Being able to achieve a highly accurate color match is one thing, but being able to easily and systematically reproduce it between presses and locations is business-critical for brands with international footprints” says Aviram Iluz, Color Product manager at HP Indigo.

“It also demonstrates how, by being part of the Gelato Network, HP Indigo customers can receive and handle international print orders that may have previously been out of their reach and how they can benefit from new business opportunities” continues Aviram Iluz.

About Gelato Globe
Gelato Globe is an enterprise solution that enables end-to- end content management, including creating, organizing, and distributing corporate prints worldwide, from any device. Today, the Gelato platform supports 11 languages and 27 currencies, delivering printed materials to 68 countries and cover 5.3 billion people via one global print cloud.