Mon Dec 16 2019

“Brand Management Marries Print On Demand” - Frontify partners with Gelato

Imagine a world where all your brand essentials, guidelines, and assets live in harmony – centralized, up to date, readily available – online. Now, imagine a world where that brand management platform joins forces with the world's most time-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-reducing print on demand service. No, it's not a dream, but reality with Frontify + Gelato.

"Partnering with Gelato is an excellent way for us to strengthen the capabilities of our brand management platform. By joining forces with a global, smart, and green printing service, we’ll be able to provide another layer to what we believe is the future of brand management," says Roger Dudler, CEO of Frontify.

Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO and Founder of Gelato adds, "The future of print is to produce personalized materials locally and on-demand - what you need, when you need it. By partnering with Frontify, enterprise and SME customers around the world can leverage on Frontify ́s brand management software while at the same time produce all print materials locally in a more responsible and environmentally friendly way. Together we push the industry towards greener faster and smarter print production. Shorter shipping distances and less print volumes."

Learn more about Gelato’s Global On-demand Print API.