Poster company Mapiful reduces carbon emissions by 67% with Gelato

Gelato’s new environmental impact calculation estimates how much carbon emissions a customer can reduce by producing their custom print products locally and on demand. The results are significant. Swedish company Mapiful reduces 67% carbon emissions on every order after moving to Gelato.

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from setting high requirements for all our production partners to using responsibly sourced paper. We are incredibly proud that we are now able to show customers the environmental impact they can have by producing locally and on demand with Gelato.” says Founder and CEO of Gelato Henrik Müller-Hansen.

The power of local: Going from 1 to 24 print locations

When the Swedish poster company Mapiful partnered up with Gelato they were producing the majority of their orders in Gothenburg and shipping them around the world. With a growing customer base in countries like the U.S. and Australia they needed to find a more efficient and resilient way to produce and deliver their products.

After they started using Gelato, 85% of all orders with Gelato are printed in the same country as where they are delivered. The company has so far gone from printing in one main location to producing their products in 24 different markets and shipping to 72 countries.

Saves transportation per order equal to a trip from London to Cairo

“It was easy to grasp that producing products closer to our customers would help us cut delivery times and shipping distances. But now we can see the actual effect this can have on the environment. Each order we produce with Gelato reduces the average distance the product travels by 3445 km. This demonstrates the power that we have as producers, and how we are able to make a difference,” says Edvin Brobeck, founder and CEO of Mapiful.

Empowering customers to make a powerful environmental impact

“Our new environmental impact calculation demonstrates the potential environmental impact our customers have by choosing Gelato. It's energizing to see that Mapiful reduces carbon emission by 67% and has a significant reduction in transportation distances on every order. We help companies to grow globally and at the same time reduce carbon emissions on every order. We look forward to continuing developing this calculation as more and more customers join Gelato,” says Müller-Hansen.

For Mapiful the potential reduction in their CO2e emissions has been achieved by simply printing locally and reducing their transportation distance. The reduction is equivalent to the carbon emissions sequestered from 17 hectares of forest in one year, which is the same size as trees covering the area of 32 football fields. Or taking 1570 trips around the world.

The new environmental impact calculation method. is based on paper volume and transportation distance from the printer to the customer. It is not an actual CO2 emissions reduction calculation, but an estimate of the potential reductions in CO2 emissions from moving to Gelato and producing and delivering products locally and on demand. Faster, smarter and greener.

Are you a Gelato customer and want to calculate your environmental impact from using Gelato? Please get in touch at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.

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