Gelato integration to power 4.4 million WooCommerce sellers with local production on demand

Today Gelato, the world’s largest and greenest platform for production and delivery of custom products on demand, announced its integration with WooCommerce.

The most requested integration yet

Ecommerce sellers using WooCommerce, the world's largest ecommerce platform, can now get instant access to local production and delivery of custom products such as wall art, clothing, greeting cards and books with Gelato. The products are made and fulfilled across Gelato’s network of more than 100 production partners in 30 countries, and as close as possible to the end customer, making production faster, smarter and greener.

“The past year has demonstrated the value of reliable, local manufacturing that is better for the environment and that empowers local businesses and communities. We have searched for a way to enable all people to create products based upon personal taste while minimizing waste, and this integration enables WooCommerce-powered ecommerce sellers worldwide to reimagine how they sell, produce and deliver personalized products.” says Gelato Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen.

Reshaping the creation and distribution of custom products

By tapping into Gelato’s network of local production and delivery partners, ecommerce sellers can launch new products and start selling in new markets without having to worry about inventory, cross-border shipping or minimum orders.

Once the seller’s store is integrated with Gelato, they can upload existing products, or design new items that are automatically uploaded to their store within seconds. Within the design editor sellers can access ready-made mockups to present their products in the store, and get access to more than 360 million images through the integrated Shutterstock image library, making it possible for creators to unleash their creativity and expand their product line with a few clicks.

As soon as an order is placed, Gelato routes the order to a production hub as close as possible to the end-customer, which not only reduces delivery times, but helps minimize costs, carbon emissions and waste.

Empowering ecommerce entrepreneurs to scale their business

With a new generation of entrepreneurs seeking alternative revenue streams and career paths, the number of tools available to ecommerce sellers has also grown exponentially.

“Our mission is to empower any entrepreneur and creator on this planet to share their creativity in a more eco-friendly way. To succeed, we don’t own any physical assets, but develop technology that can help companies scale in a way that is good for people - and for the planet. This integration is a powerful example of that,” Müller-Hansen says.

While Gelato’s platform has proved a dependable resource for those looking to sell internationally and efficiently, WooCommerce has made it possible for anyone to start an online store and sell their products overnight. The ecommerce platform is free, open-source and can be added to any WordPress site. Currently 40 percent of all websites worldwide are built using WordPress, and WooCommerce is the preferred choice for 32 percent of the ecommerce market.

How to integrate with Gelato

Brands can easily connect their Gelato account with WooCommerce directly from the Gelato dashboard. The integration allows customers to automatically or manually fulfill and deliver orders, create new products or connect existing products with Gelato.

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