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Starting, and most importantly, growing your online business is not easy. At Gelato, we reward your success. That’s why we have Gelato monthly discounts—so you can save more when you sell more.

The Gelato discounts

The more sales you make in a month, the bigger discount you’ll get the following month!
You can also pay in advance to get a certain discount level immediately.

Accumulated monthly sales* Prepayment Discount % on product price on next months orders
€5,000 €5,000 5.00%
€10,000 €10,000 6.00%
€20,000 €20,000 8.00%
€50,000 €50,000 10.00%
€100,000 €100,000 12.00%
€150,000 €150,000 14.00%
€200,000 €200,000 16.00%

*Accumulated sales = total order sum - discounts - shipping

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