Meet our customers

Bettina Petzold

CMO, Lufthansa Cargo

“Previously we could produce one batch with 50,000 brochures in Germany and ship them all around the world. Now we get extreme savings on transportation and storage costs, and we produce significantly fewer brochures.”

Image credit: Lufthansa Cargo

Stephen Graham

Vice President Marketing, Manufacturing Intelligence division of Hexagon

“Nine months after activating Gelato in Hexagon Europe we saw total cost of printing reduced by a third. Gelato will now be rolled out across our entire operation worldwide. Printing locally gives us faster delivery and we end up ordering less but more personalized print. Our ambition is to reduce print volumes by 50% and transportation distances by 90%”

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Andreas Häußner

Director Marketing, Rommelag

"In the beginning I thought Gelato was just another cloud printing solution. But it is far more than that. Gelato enables me to support our sales team globally and reduces my workload. It is easy to use and best of all, they even offer offset printing for larger quantities. I really like the concept of local printing and transportation. Think global – act local.”

Image credit: Rommelag

Rachel Waring

Group Marketing Director, Survitec

“Working with Gelato has been a really good match with Survitec. When we were first introduced to the company, it was interesting to see that they had a really good match in terms of brand values: really good quality products, getting it right the first time, and actually able to deliver in all the locations where Survitec are as well, so it was a good fit for our business."

Image credit: Survitec

Michael Jacobs

CEO, Atea Norway

“Together with Gelato we will be able to push the boundaries on how a progressive and modern company manages its brand and printable files. What is especially energizing is that we have found a partner that has a similar view on how technology can shape the future to become more sustainable.”

Image credit: Atea

Gilbert Schwartmann

Head of Marketing Communications, HBM

“Gelato is the only solution that has the global footprint that matches our needs. When our sales team meets with a car manufacturer, they can now take the up-to-date case studies or white papers showing our experience in the same industry – rather than an entire catalogue."

Image credit: HBM

Amy de Rouvray

Director Worldwide Marketing, ESI Group

“We found Gelato as we were searching for a partner who would be able to address our global printing requirements and our growing need for flexibility and adaptability to local markets. By adopting Gelato’s cloud platform, we were able to achieve this and at the same time reduce the shipping distances, delays, and waste that go along with printing in one single location. We no longer stock materials centrally, as Gelato enables our subsidiaries to order and receive the quantity of prints they need, in less time. This local production has, during the first phase of our rollout, reduced delivery distances by 70% (149,000 km or 93,000 miles) and associated CO2 emissions. It also eradicates the need to over-order print materials ‘just in case’ – greatly cutting waste!”

Image credit: ESI Group

Hilde Kallevig

VP External Communications, Hydro

“To be perfectly honest, when I started to look for a solution, I did not know that a solution like Gelato Globe existed. When I found it, it solved my challenges and at the same time provided me with the potential of significant efficiency benefits.”

Image credit: Norsk Hydro ASA

Johan Rasmussen

Head of Market Communications, Lindab Group

“It is very efficient that the sales people can order by themselves. Implementing Gelato in 30 countries was of course, a very big change in the way we work with printed material at Lindab. But I’m really happy we made the jump.”

Image credit: Lindab