Optimalprint - Where it all started

Launched in Norway in 2007, Optimalprint is one of the leading photo products brands in the world. Optimalprint is currently using Gelato to fulfill all orders locally, in all its 24 markets.

Highest rated app for photo products

Optimalprint serves millions of consumers each year with personalized products such as wall art, photo books, greetings cards and mugs. The online store offers fast, locally produced print products in 24 countries with excellent trust pilot scores and the highest rated app for photo products.

Started in Norway, with Norwegian customers and print houses, Optimalprint rapidly expanded into new markets. In order to secure the fastest delivery and the most environmentally friendly alternative for all customers, the company grew its network of print houses as it expanded into new countries.

Growing a worldwide network

In 2014, Optimalprint had achieved local production in 12 countries, and an increasing number of customers who had understood the importance and benefits of local print across the planet started contacting them. They too wanted to be able to produce and deliver their products locally and on demand.

This was the start of the network that Gelato’s API-solution is built on today, and what empowered Optimalprint to meet their growing customer demand. Today, Gelato is producing personalized products with more than 90 print partners across the world.

Building a solution for global companies

Optimalprint is Gelato’s largest customer, and the reason the company has come this far.

Optimalprint taught Gelato how to handle millions of orders, be relentless in their customer obsession, focus on every "detail" to make all processes as efficient as possible. Optimalprint’s growth also helped Gelato challenge one of the world’s largest industries and make print production more sustainable.

These experiences are now making it possible for Gelato to empower a large, and growing, number of other global companies to sell, produce and deliver personalized products on demand and anywhere in the world. Faster, smart and greener.

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