Namecheap gives small businesses easy global access to business cards

Namecheap is the world's second largest domain registrar and leading provider of online products and services for entrepreneurs. For nearly twenty years, the company has been committed to offering top quality online products and services to help small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs take their creative endeavors to new levels of success.

In 2019 the company launched a new business card service that would enable any small business to design their personal business cards and leave a positive, lasting impression with their new business connections. However, the company needed a partner that could help them find an easy way to design, produce and deliver the business cards in a fast, easy and affordable way.

Finding a partner fit for scale

By teaming up with Gelato, Namecheap was able to print and ship their business cards with market-leading local printers and state-of-the-art equipment. With customers in 55 markets, they needed a reliable and global supplier that could produce and deliver the business cards safely and on time.

Gelato's network of more than 90 print centres across the world makes supply chains more resilient because the products are produced closer to where the customers need them. Local production also helps reduce delivery times, shipping distances and carbon emissions.

Making production simple, seamless an transparent

Together Namecheap and Gelato have been able to make the process of creating, printing and shipping business cards simple, seamless and transparent.

“This partnership begins with offering small businesses easy access to business cards,” said Steve Harding, Senior Vice President, Gelato. "Our ambition is to grow the partnership in line with customer demand ensuring that small businesses can accelerate their growth into new international territories."

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