Meridian Life Science specializes in the production of large scale manufacturer of diagnostic assays. With 13 locations and distributors in over 70 countries, they needed to ensure only the most up-to-date product information was in the market.

The challenge

The lead designer of Meridian Life Science, Andrew Stevens, is responsible for producing creative materials and providing the sales teams with sales collateral. Printing materials in a single big batch, distributing them amongst 6 global storage sites, and drop-shipping the needed amount to sales offices proved to be time-consuming and susceptible to problems. Keeping track of which brochures and fliers aided sales the most was almost impossible.

The solution

Gelato gave Meridian Life Science the ease of use and transparency they needed. With cloud file management, historical order reporting, and an easy to use InDesign extension, the design team could work faster and see which designs were the most used. With the option of printing small batches, customized brochures could be created for different buyer profiles.

The result

Gelato allows Andrew to upload new files in a matter of minutes while the sales teams and distributors are guaranteed the latest files. With one platform managing his print marketing, he has more time to do what he loves: being creative.

“I'm standing here as a creative and it benefits me greatly, but there's too many benefits applying Gelato to our business for it to just be of benefit for design team. It covers operations, it covers sales, it covers all parts of the business and that's why we'll be sticking with Gelato."

Andrew Stevens, Senior Designer, Meridian Life Science