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Why we exist

We believe that "collaborative consumption" can be the positive consequence of a "sharing economy". We believe in sharing fixed assets – in our case sharing of print machines. And in allowing excess capacity to be intelligently allocated.

We saw a need for a different kind of solution. We knew it would take a different kind of company, with a special kind of employees to build it.

Our culture

At Gelato we are extremely proud of the amazing team that we have built. The driver of our growth, our bold vision, and the game-changing technology we bring to the market is the people that work here.

Great things do not come easy and we continually work to refine the way we collaborate with each other across all markets that we operate in.

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Our culture
How we work

The way we live

There is a long distance to travel between having a great idea and building a great company. We embrace the hard work required to deliver on our mission. We know that we do not have all the answers. We enjoy this because we problem-solve, innovate, and operate as a team.

We seek brilliant people who are also great team members. We do not have room for arrogance or self-oriented people. We believe that the cost of working with such people is just too high. We strive to improve and develop just like athletes. Yesterday’s achievements are no measure for where we aspire to go.

In Gelato, we want people to think on their own and make decisions as a team.

Open positions

Customer Service Customer Service Manager Mumbai 
Customer Service Head of Customer Service for Optimalprint London Oslo Mumbai 
Design & Product Digital Product Manager Oslo London Moscow Tallinn Stockholm Mumbai 
Design & Product UX Designer Moscow London Oslo 
Engineering & IT Lead Developer - Golang London Stockholm Tallinn Oslo Moscow Mumbai 
Engineering & IT Senior Full Stack Developer - Chatbot, AI and Machine Learning Mumbai Moscow 
Engineering & IT Senior Golang Developer London Oslo Tallinn Mumbai Moscow 
Finance & Accounting Financial Analyst - Tax Boston 
Customer Service Project Manager Customer Service for Optimalprint London Oslo 
Marketing Marketing Data Analyst for Optimalprint London Oslo Stockholm Moscow 
Marketing Paid Social Media Manager for Optimalprint London Oslo Stockholm 
Marketing Search Marketing Manager for Optimalprint London Boston Mumbai Oslo Stockholm 
Operations Logistics Analyst London Mumbai 
Operations Operations Support Specialist Moscow Mumbai Boston Apply 
Operations Senior Manager (Strategy and Operations) London 
Operations Senior Operations Manager Boston Stockholm London Mumbai 
Sales & Account Management Business Development Manager Boston London 
Sales & Account Management Business Development Representative Boston 

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