Your guide to holiday shipping

Due to the global pandemic, more people are shopping online and from the safety of their homes, and we are experiencing an unprecedented high number of orders.

As a result of the increase in volume, shipping carriers are experiencing more delays, and some of your orders will take longer to arrive than expected. Our advice is to encourage your customers to place their orders as early as possible, and to review your last order dates.

  1. Why may order deadlines change?
  2. Why do deadlines vary by product and country?
  3. How can you communicate order deadlines to your customers?
  4. Review last order dates

Last order dates may change

We will work our hardest to support your business during the holiday season, but know that our fulfilment times and carrier shipping estimates may change at any time. We can’t promise our deadlines to stay the same, so please bear with us through these uncertain times and follow the latest fulfilment updates. Thank you for understanding.

Why may order deadlines change?

Gelato is the world’s largest print on demand network with more than 100 production partners across the world, and we go above and beyond to achieve reliable and speedy production and delivery times.

This year the world is facing more uncertainty than normal when it comes to global shipping. Some uncertainty and disruptions we can plan for and even avoid because our production is local in 30 countries, whereas some events we cannot predict.

To check the status of your order, please check our Gelato Dashboard where you will find detailed information, including estimated delivery date (EDD) and tracking link.

For more information on what to do when an order is late, please see here.

Why do deadlines vary by product and country?

Our network of local production partners enables us to route your orders to the location closest to your end-customers, which helps minimize delivery times. It also helps protect your business amidst international shipping disruptions and delays.

Not all products are available in every location, which means that sometimes items will be made in another location than where they are delivered. Depending on where your end-customer is located, some products will travel longer distances than others.

Please review our last order dates for a full overview.

How can you communicate order deadlines to your customers?

By managing your customers’ expectations you can increase customer satisfaction. Be open about your order deadlines, and encourage your customers to order early.

Post the dates in your store and make them easily accessible in your channels. Keep in mind that not all your customers will receive the info you share in social media or in a newsletter, so adding the estimated delivery times in your product description and/or catalogue is also an effective way to communicate.

View your last order dates here.