The need for transparency in uncertain times

With COVID-19 continuing to impact all of us we have been contacted by multiple companies across the world that want a more resilient platform.

In today's world, trade shows are suddenly cancelled, borders are shut from one day to another and general uncertainty makes planning very difficult. This proves the need to operate differently when it comes to print material.

These are the key values you need to secure:

  • Secure complete transparency into your print supply chain

  • Access a network of printers that secures your products will be printed locally

  • Spread your risk and access hundreds of printers and logistics suppliers across the world

  • Activate a solution that allows you to print on demand and never have to stock print material

  • Is your solution minimising your company's carbon footprint? Printing and shipping produce a lot of CO2

Gelato's global software platform supports you with the above - Speak to us.