Print partners on the advantages of Gelato

We recently caught-up with a few of our print partners to find out what Gelato means to them.

“Having timely information about the orders in process, such as status of production, stocks and quality, gives us a lot of control by allowing us to plan our production effectively” says Pere Tura, Director General of CeGe, Spain.

Ian Lamb, Director of G&H Print Services Limited, UK feels the same, saying “with Gelato we know exactly what we’re getting and when we’re getting it. We base our entire production board around Gelato doing what it says it will do, because it always delivers.”

“Gelato provides a reliable number of incoming orders, so that makes planning easy” adds Felix Walter, of Walter Digital in Germany.

“What you can’t do in this industry is catch-up sleep. So we can’t do anything with the business we’ve laid off to accommodate a job that ends up getting cancelled. We lose 24/48 hours of our production board” adds Lamb.

He continues, “that is indicative of the industry as a whole, but Gelato is different. It says: you’re going to get 562 jobs tomorrow, and at 1:30am in the morning, the jobs are waiting for us to set-up

“You know that the jobs that they tell you are coming in, will always arrive when Gelato says they will.”

For G&H Print Services, being part of the Gelato Network has enabled the business to generate 100% new business with no additional resource and the volume is reliable and growing.

Lamb says, “when we started working with Gelato, we didn’t think we’d be able to handle a thousand jobs a day. We didn’t think we had the staff or the facilities and were very sceptical.

“We anticipated having to employ about five or six more people and having to buy more kit – but we’ve done none of that. We’re doing more work, with less people and no extra kit.

Walter, adds “we too had some hesitations in the beginning, especially about the short production times, but finally decided to go for it and today we’re very happy and proud
that we did!”

“It’s been incredible. We’ve gone from what we thought was impossible to asking, is that all we’re getting?” says Lamb.

When it comes to quality control, Gelato Globe also helps. Tura explains “previously, many of our processes were based on people and traditional communication practices, but with Gelato, it’s all in the application and it’s always objective.

“Gelato gives us a lot of control over reducing human errors. Gelato has created very basic check and control measures to prevent mistakes. Most of them are performed directly by the handling team, without the need of post controlling.”

Gelato printers have access to real time information on the current production status and incoming print files across all devices, ensuring they remain in control wherever they are.

“Gelato provides you with an excellent piece of software, that you can use it on desktop or on your mobile device and it gives you, at anytime and anywhere, the status of your production” says Walter.

“The production app enables real time access on any device, which is great since you have more to time to react to increases in demand and it also increases team involvement in the planning process” adds Tura.

To be part of the Gelato Network, print houses are required to meet a set of unified standards, ensuring consistency around color profiles, cutting, paper types and finishing, no matter where materials are produced in the world.

Enterprises can now print locally and retain complete control of their brands.

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Left to right: Youssef El Kara of Gelato and Ian Lamb of Gask and Hawley