Dagens Næringsliv: Norwegian Gelato is going global, expanding into 68 countries - reaching 5.3 billion people

Dagens Næringsliv, The Norwegian Business Daily, writes that Gelato is a unique company in Norway that is revolutionizing the traditional ways of the print industry through their global brand and print management platform. Now, global enterprises are giving Gelato thumbs up.

"Before working with Gelato, we'd produce 50,000 brochures at a time. We'd print in one location in Germany and send them to offices around the world. Now we produce far fewer brochures and save a huge amount on transport and warehousing" says Bettina Pezhold, Global Head of Marketing at Lufthansa Cargo.

“Today we are printing at 70 print shops in 27 countries. Our distribution covers 68 countries and our platform reaches 5.3 billion people. This is what we have been working for the last 24 months,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, founder and CEO of Gelato.

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